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How to Compliment a Girl

Is it possible to offend someone with a compliment? The answer is yes, it can be done and therefore it is important when dating to know how to compliment a girl appropriately.

More often than naught, guys mean well but simply forget the complex nature of women. Here are a few examples of awkward or unworthy compliments:

“Did you change your hair?”

While you might be meaning this as an acknowledgement of a nice hairdo, you didn’t say so.

Instead you left her hanging without following up with an “I like It.” or “It looks nice.” Unless you have a mind reader, you may want to elaborate just a smidge so the female you are attempting to compliment knows what you are trying to say. Women are often insecure and something as small as this could send her in a spiral of feeling uncomfortable or unsure of her attraction.

“That’s an interesting outfit”

Interesting to you may be a good thing but to her it could mean anything from weird to ugly. Try working on your use of adjectives and find ones which are more positive and direct. “That is a gorgeous outfit on you” would be the most positive compliment you could give her. She will feel like she looks amazing with only a few words from you.

“You have such a unique look”

This again doesn’t exactly say, “You are beautiful” and that is what women want to hear. If you want to know how to compliment a girl you have to keep things direct and exaggerated. Have you ever heard women speaking to each other?

They always go over the top with the compliments. You will hear them throwing the most intense adjectives around such as: fantastic, beautiful, amazing, you are so…., that is so…., etc. Women give the best compliments and expect the same in return. They do this to make each other feel good.

Regardless of whether she is the most beautiful person in the room, your job is to make her feel that way and convince her you think so. If you feel like you would be dishonest in your attempt, then find things which are noteworthy and true about her.

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Subtleties Work

If you can provide compliments which are more specific to her, you will find her reaction to be much more positive. General compliments are boring and pretty much tell her you can’t make a better effort. “You are pretty” is not as affective as “You are always so beautiful and classy.” The difference is you not only came up with a more prominent synonym to “pretty” but you also stated she was classy which sets her apart from others.

Paying attention to the things she does, the things she says or wears will give you an upper hand in knowing which compliments to give her. These small observations will make her feel so special and she will certainly acknowledge how great you are at paying attention.

Most of the time all women want is to know you are in tune and emotionally supportive. Women suffer from all kinds of feelings of inadequacies and that is why compliments work so well.

Sincerity is Key

The best advice on how to compliment a girl is regarding sincerity. If your compliments come across as too general or vague, she may not believe you. The compliment will therefore be wasted due to your lack of truth.

You may have the best of intentions but if the delivery seems false or without real conviction, you won’t have the results you were hoping to have. Be sure you are sincere and mean what you say. She will be highly tuned in to any false affection.

Making women feel good will improve your dating and relationship life faster than just about anything else you can do. Women love to hear you say it. Make them feel special by following the advice on how to compliment a girl and avoid the most obvious mistakes.

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