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How to Meet Women after College

Meeting college girls was easy. They were everywhere…fraternity parties, bars, friends houses, class…you name it! But what happens after school is over?

Many guys struggle with how to meet women after college because it is a whole different playing field.

There are obstacles and challenges (including less alcohol consumption) which present themselves differently and guys are bumbling around trying to figure out the new rules.

Where to meet?

The first challenge is where to meet the female sex once campus life has come to an end. Before it was easy to show up somewhere (anywhere) on Friday night and have a choice of half a dozen select eye candies to spend time with.

Now, you are no longer attending the local sorority house (lest you be a creepy stalker) and therefore you must define new venues in which to pick up the ladies. Luckily there are plenty of options and things don’t have to be so bleak.

• Work

Work is one of the most popular after college places to begin new romance. Many people met their spouse or partner first as a co-worker and continued the relationship. Since work becomes the new focus after college, many graduates find themselves spending much of their time pursuing careers, interning or simply making money to pay back those student loans.

• Organizations

While many students are involved in on campus activities during college, afterwards a new avenue must be explored for these interests. Many single women can be found volunteering for their local community or involved in charities, fundraisers or auctions. Your best bet is to join an organization quickly and start meeting people.


• Church

While school was a place to meet and date people without strings, church is the place where grown ups often meet their long term partners. Since values are the same most singles will look first at their church groups and social events for dating prospects after school. If you are a religious person, this is one of the most successful ways to go.

• Online Dating

Online dating is the most popular way to meet people of your own age and interest level. Certainly you can narrow down the playing field to other out of college grads that are single and lonely. Online dating is simple and you can be picky about who you meet without the headache of trying to track people down.

How to Approach?

The next challenge with how to meet women after college presents in the initial approach. Before, it was simple to walk up and talk to girls. You had so many easy, ready to use questions to ask. What sorority do you belong to? What year are you? What is your major?

In the real world however these questions are somewhat irrelevant. Now you are meeting people from all age levels and walks of life. The weeding process is much more difficult and women especially are much more cautious.

The best way to approach women now is to decide first if there is interest. If you communicate or make eye contact, you have to be certain they are interested before approaching them. Otherwise, you could easily be rejected or possibly making yourself look bad.

Also, you must learn to be confident and self assured. It is helpful to have hobbies and interests which you can use to strike up a conversation or discuss topics which will help you seem educated and interesting. The new element to look for is a wedding ring as now you will find more and more taken females than you did during college.

By learning how to meet women after college you will not only develop into a well rounded adult but also a person who is interesting and capable of taking on the responsibilities of a mature relationship for the future.

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