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How to Pick Up Younger Women

Getting to know the tricks of attracting the opposite sex can often be challenging, especially learning how to pick up younger women. Rest assured because there is a methodology to attracting females even if you are older.

Where to Look

First things first; if you want to interest a younger woman you must know the best places to pick up younger women. A good rule of thumb is to avoid places which would involve the competition of strapping young men such as bars and nightclubs.

Girls here are likely to be more interested in meeting guys there own age and you simply won’t fit into the picture.

Instead, try a museum, coffee shop, yoga class or retail store to look for mature young women. The goal is to target these females who will naturally be drawn to your intellect because they, themselves are more mature.

Strike Her Interest

Engage a younger woman in a conversation that is intellectually stimulating but don’t over power her. This approach will be refreshing compared to the cheesy pick up lines she is accustomed to. Intrigue her with confidence and openness.

She will be used to younger guys who play coy games. Your straightforwardness will give you a leg up. Just be careful not to be overly flirtatious right away. Be sure you have her interest first.

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Gauge Her Interest

Before going too far or getting slapped, be sure she is interested before you convey too much. Look at the following body language signs of flirtation to know if you are making headway.

• Eyes – If she looks down, away or has a hard time maintaining eye contact she is offering a sign of demure, bashfulness. She is either insecure or attracted. If she makes a point of looking around as if she is bored or has something more important to be doing then you know she is not interested.

• Body – If she is crossing her arms or legs away from you or in a protective way, she may not be interested just yet. See if she loosens up after awhile. If she is open and uses her hands to gesture or shows affection through touch, it is possible she is open to the idea of you. Also, if she twirls her hair or runs her hand through her hair this is also a flirtatious gesture indicating femininity in which she would like for you to be aware.

Ask Her Out –Slowly

Once you have interest here’s get younger women interested as far as the date goes.

Ask them over time. In other words profile her a bit, get to know her, gauge her interest and then ask her out. Don’t do this all at once or she may be too wary to consider it. After all you are older and she may be concerned about your intentions. Befriend her first then ask her out somewhere casual such as for coffee or an event you just happened to need a date for.

The important thing to remember in how to pick up younger women is not to give up. Younger women are looking for and ARE interested in meeting more mature and understanding men. Work on your approach and over time you will find success.

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