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Mistakes to Avoid on Dates

When was the first time you went on a date with someone you loved? Chances are you blush at the mere thought of how you screwed up.  You’re not alone.

Most people actually mess up on their first date more than you can imagine. And there’s really no reason to have any regrets because what’s done is done. You must have had better dates after your first one because it was possibly a life lesson.

So now that you’re a bit mature, looking back at your first date what are the things you would change if you had the chance to? No need to wish on the hands of time, you still have many chances to have the perfect ‘first date’.

What follows is a list of the mistakes you want to avoid on a first date, and indeed any date.

Not asking for suggestions

When you’re on a date with a woman that you really like, and you’re unsure of something, it is not wise to make assumptions. No matter how interesting an idea for a date may be, there is always a possibility that your date will be interested in something else.

It doesn’t hurt to ask for suggestions, and it will not make you any less attractive. The last thing you want is to learn afterwards that your woman wasn’t impressed at all the date and she would have preferred something simpler.

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Making issues so personal and opinionated

If your partner staunchly believes in something, or is a vegetarian, never express any views against it, even if you personally don’t believe in the same things. That doesn’t mean that you should shut your mouth and nod in agreement with everything she says.

You just need to keep your opinions to yourself. It’s your first date, for crying out loud. You will have plenty of time later for debating personal opinions and beliefs. The place and time to argue over such just isn’t the first date.

Straying hands

Are you going out to the movies on your first date? Keep one thing in mind; never wrap your arm around her shoulders or rest your wandering hand on her lap. The least you’ll get is a slap, and then the dumping follows soon after the movie ends.

Discussing technical stuff

If you’re a techie, that might be cool, but avoid talking about technical things on your first date, especially if your partner is not very familiar with technical terms. It’s okay to briefly discuss about what you do for a living but if you start giving unnecessary details, your date will soon get bored because they will not be able to relate to what you’re talking about.

Splitting the bill

Never think of asking your girl to pay half the bill. Besides not being able to take her out again, be sure she will talk about it with her friends who might just happen to know you. Basically, be a gentleman and offer to pay the whole bill. Of course, if the girl insists on going dutch, you should also respect her decisions.

Going on a date right after a break up

Perhaps this is the worst first date mistake; asking a girl out when you’re barely through a recent break up with your ex. On top of being unfair to your new girl, you will not manage to focus on her during the date because you’re likely to end up talking about your ex, or the break up.

In a nutshell, these are the mistakes you want to avoid on your next date if you want to make a lasting impression on your partner.

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