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Places to Pickup Younger Women

If you are an older guy looking to pick up a younger gal, you probably aren’t sure where to start. The usual, bar/nightclub scene just wouldn’t be appropriate. You are in luck.

There are other great places to pick up younger women where you don’t have to feel like a creepy old man. Below are a few ideas to help you start looking.

Places of employment

Generally a girl will feel more comfortable talking to you if she is within the safety of her workplace. Retail stores or restaurants are great places to attract younger women.

These types of jobs already create scenarios where they are willing and used to talking to guys of all ages. Your maturity most likely will be a breath of fresh air compared to the idiotic flirtations she is used to from younger guys.

Classes and Campus

Colleges, adult classes and university settings are other good places to pick up younger women. You would be surprised how many of these girls fall for or seduce their teachers and professors simply because they are the only older guy they have come in contact with on a regular basis. Enroll in an interesting class and you are bound to not only meet plenty of young students but may intrigue her with you intelligent conversational capabilities.

Coffee Shops or Book Stores

Many women can be found at a local coffee stomp or perusing the aisles of a bookstore. Unless you are looking for a gold digging, party girl, these are terrific places to meet someone younger. These types of females may be more intelligent and interested in someone mature. Don’t stalk them of course but frequent these spots and you may strike up a conversation with a regular.

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Joining a gym is another one of those great places to meet younger women. What is nice about a gym is the regular membership means you can go and scout the selection without feeling like you are stalking someone.

It’s especially recommended to join a class such as yoga or Pilates. The girls will be impressed with your openness and lack of macho chauvinism they are used to in your younger counterparts.

Singles Events or Clubs

There are a ton of local singles events as well as fun organizations to join and meet younger women. There are also events for women seeking older men. Check your local online listings. Fun activities such as 8 second dating or singles cruises may be an option. Clubs or organizations offer an opportunity to volunteer and get involved in the community while meeting younger volunteers.


Believe it or not many long term relationships began at church. Finding a nice church or congregation is the perfect opportunity to meet young single girls. This doesn’t mean to be a phony but if you already are interested in enhancing your spiritual side, what better way to meet the type of girl you are seeking.

Many churches have activities for singles and you will most likely enjoy the company of these classy ladies.

Regardless of which places to pick up younger women you choose, always remember to keep things casual. You don’t want a woman to ever feel threatened because you are leering or following her around. Have fun and you are sure to find a young girl to add vitality to your life.

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