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Proper Etiquette to Use on a First Date

The most important date is always the first one! This is when you make all the impressions which determine whether a relationship is a possibility.

This may feel like a ton of pressure but actually if you follow the proper etiquette to use on a first date, you at least will be seen as a viable dating partner.

Check out these 5 rules before heading out on the next first date.

Rule #1 - Keep it Casual.

A first date is not the time to overwhelm your date with lovey, dovey romance or intense feelings of attraction. Keep them guessing. Find a comfortable, casual venue which allows for good communication and easy interaction. Candlelit dinners, movies and extravagance should be saved for later. Don’t show all your cards all at once or wear your heart on your sleeve.

Rule #2 - Keep the Dialogue Rolling.

While you don’t want a scripted evening, it is helpful to have an idea of what questions you will ask to get to know your date. Maintain interest in the person you are with and avoid doing all the talking.

Many people make the mistake of giving their life story on a first date. Obviously if you have time for this you either didn’t let your date talk at all or you have a very short and uninteresting life. Get to know your date, relate to their life and show your skills at being a terrific communicator.

Rule #3 - Keep it Positive.

Nothing is more of a turn off than negativity, in any form. Proper etiquette to use on a first date always involves a sharing of positive energies. This means don’t complain about the food or service, don’t share all your life sorrows, don’t vent about your ex relationships and above all don’t ever say anything negative about yourself or your date.

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You want your date to walk away feeling good and recalling a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Rule #4 - Give your Full Attention.

This requires you to focus solely on your date. Give this potential partner the opportunity to know you and be with you. Never let your eyes wander seeking out other attractive candidates – Even if you are bored!

Avoid using your cell phone, texting and try to stay clear of other friends or acquaintances which could draw attention away from your date. By focusing on the person you are with you will help them feel special and safe. The last thing you want to do is come across as insensitive or worse – a player!

Rule #5 - Have Self Control.

This is the most important advice on proper etiquette to use on a first date. Control comes in many forms and you may be unexpectedly faced with surprises which will require your refrain. This could be anything from having too much to drink, encountering enemies, ex-loves and of course sexual chemistry.

Above all, never have sex on a first date! Be a gentleman or a lady and don’t give in to passion. This is a sure fire way to distill the success of a possible long term relationship. Take it slow and enjoy the pursuit.

By following the 5 rules of proper etiquette to use on a first date, you should find yourself the recipient of much success in your dating life. Showing respect will keep you in control of your situations and bring about deep friendships and potential lasting love.

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