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Secrets to Dating Younger Women

It is no secret that younger gals are fun to date. This is especially true for an older guy interested in a little spunk, vitality and spontaneity in his life. There are secrets to dating younger women which ever guy should learn.

So, shhhhh…don’t tell but do read on and discover what most men don’t know about what this youthful breed wants.

Secret #1: They want you to want them with refrain.

Yes, indeed. A young girl loves the fantasy of making you sweat and pine for her but on the other hand maintaining enormous levels of self control. In fact, the more self control you have, the more she will desire you.

A young woman seeks constant attention and is just as willing to give it. Play hard to get while hinting your interest and she will be pulling out all her tricks to try and break you down. This erotic foreplay of the minds is absolutely invigorating. Avoid being clingy, obsessive or coming on too strong.

Secret #2: They are thirsty for maturity.

Younger women accustomed to dating guys their own age are desperate for a new level of maturity. Since females mature faster than guys; they soon lose interest in the boys and are on a quest for real men.

You can capitalize on this desire by being, quite simply, yourself. Your life experiences, wisdom and knowledge of women will captivate and intrigue her so use it to your advantage. Be sure, however, you are still portraying a seductive, attractive man and not wise old Grandpa.

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Secret #3: They need spontaneity.

As much as this girl needs security, she also needs some spontaneity to exist if she is to date you. If you provide her with the same old boring routines, dating rituals and tiresome conversation, she will easily become bored and move on to a more youthful guy.

While you don’t need to surprise her by doing something unnatural, you should keep the dating fun and creative to keep younger women interested. Plan something wacky like go shopping for fun hats to wear to dinner or go hiking by moonlight. Don’t shy away from public displays of affection or sexual experiences outside the bed.

Secret #4: Be an accommodating Lover.

Trust me; a younger woman is especially eager for you to help her experience sexual satisfaction. More than likely her experience with younger men has been less than fulfilling and full of selfish one sided pleasure.

Use your experience to teach her what her body is capable of and give her selfless pleasure. She will no doubt be quick to return the favor and will most likely feel more like a woman with you than with anyone else!

Secret #5: They want a slow romance.

In spite of today’s seemingly promiscuous female, they ultimately DO want to be courted, like a lady. This gentleman-like approach keeps them interested and tests their boundaries of control. Besides, they will be initially wary of your intentions.

The last thing you want to do is turn into a creepy old man who is only in it for one thing. Treat her with respect and she will open like a flower. She is much more enjoyable in full bloom!

The bottom line, guys, is to be real. While these are merely a few secrets to dating younger women, you will most certainly come up with your own discoveries along the way. Henry Cloud wrote in, How to Get a Date worth Keeping, “Dating is about finding out who you are and who others are. If you show up in a masquerade outfit, neither is going to happen.”

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