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Tips to Attract Younger Women

These days many young females are searching for older men to fulfill them in ways a younger guy cannot. Learning a few tips to attract younger women will give you an edge over the playing field.

Before you begin your quest it is helpful to know the type of younger woman you are interested in finding.

While vitality, beauty and fun are all components you will find; there are stereotypical categories of younger women and they are looking for very specific things.

The Gold Digger

Yes, unfortunately these women do exist. If you are a single, older male who is financially secure, then perhaps you are not afraid of this type of female. The myth is not that they don’t exist but that these women cannot love or learn to love. While they may seem superficial initially, they are after all just humans with a set of ideals. After all, perhaps you are attracted to this game of ambitious courting.

To attract a gold digger, all you have to do is flaunt your stuff. Show off your fancy car, flash your Rolex, buy her expensive bottles of wine to share and talk to her about your world travels or your condo in Italy. Money sometimes can buy love.

Look for these women at upscale bars, nightclubs, VIP rooms, hotel bars and expensive charity events. You will notice they take a lot of time on their outward appearance and insure a classy, well maintained appearance to fit in with a hopeful, wealthy socialite. Keep in mind these women are not necessarily evil but simply want to be taken care of.

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The Starved Intellectual

This young woman is looking for an older man to satiate her need for mental stimulation. She is most likely very intelligent for her age and not interested in typical “young” activities such as bar hopping and the party scene. You can find her at a coffee shop, bookstore, library, art gallery, museum or even volunteering for an organization. She may very well be involved in her community and politics.

To attract this female, definitely avoid any overtly aggressive tendencies. You will need to befriend her first. Strike up an interesting conversation until she is intrigued and comfortable. Sometimes a woman is much more turned on by a guys mind then she is his lusty intentions.

The Sex Kitten

Perhaps you are simply seeking tips to attract younger women for a little sexual gratification. You are in luck as there are plenty of promiscuous young women looking for a happy fling. Unlike men, women are not always on the prowl for the hottest guy but alternatively the one who can satisfy her best.

She will be a hungry, insatiable creature interested in your experience in the bedroom. You will find this girl at bars, dance clubs, private parties, sex clubs and adult stores. She will most likely be dressed provocatively and will be open to your confident frankness regarding your interest.

To attract her be aggressive, seductive and completely alpha. You know the attitude, that yours is bigger than theirs kind of game. You may even play a little hard to get by showing interest in multiple women just to get her going. This girl likes games and the game of catch in particular.

Knowing first what you want is of the best tips to dating younger women. These females are out there and waiting to be either swept off their feet or captivated with your experiences and charm. Some of them may come in multiple packages such as the starved intellectual sex kitten so be prepared for fun surprises!

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