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Why Single Women Want Good Sex and Romance

Women who are single are often single for a couple of reasons. Either A. they want to be single to enjoy playing the field or B. they simply haven’t found the right guy. Regardless of the reasons it is good to know why single women want good sex and romance.

The Female Mindset

The female mind is a peculiar thing. Most guys are perplexed by women and what it is they want. Sometimes they misconstrue coy behavior for teasing and consider women to be prudes who are not interested in sexual satisfaction.

This is completely false. Most women who are single want to meet guys who will satisfy their two desires. The desire for chemistry or sexual compatibility and their desire for romantic growth and love are both core areas women seek to fulfill.

A single woman especially is interested in learning about her sexuality through her experiences with other men. Even if she is not promiscuous, those she lets in will be part of her learning curve and the understanding of her own feminine nature or expression.

Women and Sex

Women love sex! Yes, you may find it hard to believe but these magical creatures are not simply gracing the earth with beauty to exude sexuality but they also revel in the practice of sex. Good sex, that is. To a woman, bad sex equates to a bad relationship. Just as guys consider this to be an important element of togetherness, so do women. The problem is the definition of good sex to women differs greatly between the genders.

Women are looking for satisfaction while men want the fulfillment of fantasies. Women want someone who they feel emotionally connected with first and therefore having sex with single women becomes a game of how to interact with her feelings to land her in bed. She wants that but the methodology is complex.

In order to do this, men have to learn to truly listen and empathize with a gal. Talk to her about things she cares about. Compliment her on specific details. This type of sincerity will gain her trust and from there she will let her inhibitions remain behind. The satisfaction comes less from your performance and more from your ability to connect with her.

Women and Romance

Of course a woman wants someone who can keep up with her in the bedroom and gratify her needs. If you can patiently offer her romantic foreplay such as candles, massages and nibbles, she will ultimately be more aroused and have better sex.

A woman takes time to warm up and once she is warm, she quickly switches to hot. Men who can work towards stimulating a female through romantic gestures will have much more luck in figuring out why single women want good sex and romance.

A single woman will most likely want to please you as much as you her. Keep this in mind. This means she will pull out all the stops on satisfying what could potentially be your biggest fantasy. Whether you prefer school girl costumes or handcuffs, she will most likely indulge in your adventures. This is not to say she will enjoy it but she will have an open mind if you fulfill her needs as well. Romance is a huge prerequisite in any females’ desire.

Even if she enjoys being single and has no interest in settling down, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t need a prince charming. Every girl pines for a handsome fellow to make her feel more like a woman and embrace her femininity. By playing on these laws as a guy you can enter into the secret world of single women and be victorious in winning their hearts or understanding why single women want good sex and romance.

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