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Dating a Co-worker – Good or Bad?

Generally speaking, most places of employment have regulations established prohibiting the hiring of couples.

If you are wondering whether dating a co-worker is good or bad; consider your employer. More often than not these work place pairings have a tendency of turning out bad.

When relationships turn sour the outcome is a disruption in the harmony of work flow. Here are a few reasons why this is the case.


Personal distractions at work come in many forms but the biggest stems from interpersonal relationships. When an employee is more interested in earning the attention of someone they work with; the result is a limited output as well as a lack of focus. These distractions cause mistakes which could have otherwise been avoided.


When a relationship takes place between two people working within the same environment a myriad of complex situations are likely to occur. If an argument takes place, both parties will bring this personal dispute to work and affect their professional results.

Working with someone in turmoil creates a negative atmosphere that is likely to develop into an explosion because one or both individuals are no longer able to hide the increasing angst.

Trickle Down Affect

Whether dating a co-worker is a positive or negative relationship, it ultimately affects everyone around them. For example, if one person in a position of management or authority is dating a subordinate, favoritism either occurs or is thought to be present by other employees. It may not be an obvious showing but even subconsciously the results are the same. Other employees will pick up on the subtleties and become uncomfortable.

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Conversely, should a relationship become negative or a break-up transpire, this will lead to gossiping and an overall dissemination of harmony among friends who are co-workers.

What to do if you have a crush on a Co-Worker

Attraction sometimes happens and cannot be helped. The best dating advice if you become attracted to someone you work with or both of you are interested in each other is to discuss the possibilities. If you care about your job and see yourself in a long term partnership with your employer; you may want to consider how this will affect your future.

It is not always a requirement to act on an attraction. Also, think about the results should you get involved and the situation turns out bad. What kind of tensions and work related projects can be affected by your choices?

If you are not concerned with the job itself then you may have nothing to lose. Perhaps one of you could consider finding a new place of employment before a romance ensues to any degree. Keep professionalism at the forefront of your mind when making these decisions. It’s not that it can’t work out with someone you work with but more often than not it is a difficult situation regardless.

Dating a Co-Worker, good or bad is obviously left to the distinction of an employer. It seems to be a general consensus however, that this coupling will turn bad. Two people sharing so much time together both at home and work will have a difficult time dealing with friction as they are always together.

The result can often be disastrous and lead to one losing their job or potentially resigning due to the other. The recommendation is to avoid allowing this to occur in the first place.

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