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Finding a Date

Are you sick and tired of friends inviting you out and casually mentioning, “Bring a date” as if you have a closetful? Do you have a stack of wedding invitations asking for your +1 option?

If you find yourself in a quandary about dating basics and finding a date, take a deep breath and read on.

For most people who struggle with finding dates, the reality is not so black and white. Many people just don’t have time, don’t have the connections or don’t find themselves lonely enough to go on the prowl.

The good news is, regardless of your situation, you can create scenarios to attract and find dates in a pinch – in spite of your background. Read on for these dating advice for men.

Dating for the work-a-holic

If your Friday night date is an intimate gaze at your computer terminal followed by a romantic cup of coffee – alone, you may be one of thousands of single work-a-holics.

Fortunately, with your terrific ability to multi-task, you should be capable of finding dates here and there with ease. Ideally you will find someone as invested in their career to provide a relationship of mutual understanding.

In order to attract people between meetings and conference calls you will need to change a few habits. Begin by providing yourself with social opportunities at work. Attend the annual holiday parties and instead of focusing on schmoozing with your boss, start connecting with others you work with. A majority of singles reported their relationships began at work, so if this is where you spend time, this is your ideal place to meet and attract others.

If you travel for work, try hitting the hotel happy hour. Rather than immerse yourself in your laptop on the plane, strike up a conversation with the person beside you. Be creative and balance your professional life with a healthy social one!

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A Date in a Pinch

When learning dating basics and finding a date, one should be prepared to have a date for last minute affairs.

The best option is to not burn your bridges. Keep a running list or little black book of possible candidates you can call for that last minute soiree or wedding.

Another way to snag a quick date is to tell your friends. Let them know you need a date for an occasion and watch them do all the networking necessary to fix you up. Women are especially talented at making love connections for their friends and you never know if they have single sisters eager to date you.

Online Dating

One of the most successful platforms for dating is to use the unlimited internet sites aimed at creating relationships and making connections. EHarmony, and are all well established sites which match partners based on interests, personality and backgrounds.

Dating Agencies

Dating agencies are a more personalized approach to dating. You can provide an agency with the blue print of your ideal date and they will help narrow down the playing field. The benefit to an agency as opposed to online dating is the personal interaction.

Every individual is met in person by the matchmaker and interviewed. It also removes the time consuming process of sifting through hundreds of potential candidates and narrows it down. This is beneficial if you have limited time.

Social Networking

Social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are becoming more than a gathering of friends. Putting yourself out there as available and letting friends know you are seeking a date will open up a whole new dating world. You will be surprised how many recommendations and referrals you receive.

By following the dating basics and finding a date advice listed above, you should be on your way to less lonely weekends and ideal company. Open yourself up to the opportunities and resources available to meet people and develop relationships.

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