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5 Tips On Dressing to Impress Women

The last time that you went to the bookstore, how did you decide which book you wanted to buy or to read?

Did you open up EVERY one of them and look inside? Probably not. You probably did something that everyone does: you judged a book by its cover.

Nothing wrong with that, you don't have the time to look at all of them, and do you know what? Women do the same thing when it comes to selecting men.

A woman who knows what she really wants can size you up in just a few seconds, file you in the "dateable" or the "un-dateable" file and move on. They don't have time to look deeper into your character ...and that's perfectly normal.

So which file do you want to be put in? I'm guessing it's the datable file, so let's look at some ways to dress for success...

Five Things to Consider

1. Hair and Hygiene

It's crazy that I have to say this but come on guys, brush the teeth, get them whitened if they're stained, AND use breath freshening gum or mints.

 The other thing is hair, and not just the hair on your head. Your eyebrows need to be trimmed (talk to your barber), the facial hair needs to be trimmed or shaved EVERYDAY, and the ears and nose hairs need to be completely out of site (aka, get a trimmer!)

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2. Shoes and matching belt

In case you missed our last email on this, the first thing a woman looks at when she sizes up a man's dress is his shoes. You can get a nice pair for pretty inexpensive, but if you have the money to spend, this is an area you can feel free to invest in yourself.

Also, if your belt doesn't match your shoes, you'll either be dating on the bottom of the food chain or not at all. This is NOT superficial advice. Your ability and willingness to choose clothes that match speaks volumes about how well you care for and value yourself.

3. Shirt

Clean shirt, no wrinkles, no stains, no tears or holes. If you have shirts like this, either get rid of them or only wear them when you're working out or to bed. You can find some great shirts for fairly inexpensive if you know where to look and it's best to have at least a dozen.

That way you won't have to wear the same one all the time and communicate to your date that you're either dirt poor or careless about your appearance.

Also, if your shirt says something, just remember this: the words on a person's T-Shirt are an advertisement of what's in their mind and their heart. Wearing a shirt that says: "World's Biggest Loser" or "Shit Happens" might not be the best way to promote what a good catch you are.

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4. Pants

Again, clean shirt, no wrinkles, no stains, no tears or holes. If rips are in style, make sure that's the style that will attract the kind of woman you want. If you're looking for the classy woman, you might want to consider something that's more consistent with that goal.

For pants, not too tight and not too lose (and please don't wear them up to your naval). Good pants can also be inexpensive just like shirts, and they should also match your personality (in color, style and fit).

5. Jewelry 

A man's jewelry should be tasteful, moderate and interesting enough to have at least a small conversation about. If you have one unusual or interesting piece of jewelry, wear it everywhere that you can. If it was a gift from a friend or family member (especially one that's passed away) or if it has an interesting story behind it, that's perfect.

Just be sure to keep rings off of your left hand because women will zero right in on those and probably assume that you're taken.

So go get your wardrobe in order as soon as you can.

Don't forget though, women are looking for more than just presentation. They want the whole package, which is why it's so important that you know what they want and how to give it to them. 'How to Become A Man Women Want.' You can't afford to miss this:

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Next email we will be covering essential body language that you MUST exhibit if you want to have a chance with women.