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Bad First Date Ideas And Other Things You Should Avoid

Planning out a first date can be a big hassle on your part. There are really no secret formulas that can guarantee success every single time but there are a few guidelines that you can follow to ensure that your date goes as smoothly as you had planned it to be.

To make sure you and your date end up happy and smiling when the two of you get home, you ought to remember a few bad first date ideas that need to be avoided.

This way, you can both have a great night with each other’s company and the possibility of a second date can be increased.

1) Avoid the movies.

The movie theater may be the safest idea for a first date but it actually is not. First dates are when two people try to get to know each other and that should be your goal. If you are in the movies, it could be quite hard talking to the other person and all you would be doing is just silently stare at the screen. If you want to have real communication with your date, why not go to a fine dining restaurant or head out to a quiet spot with a nice view and talk.

2) Stop faking it.

Although trying to impress your date the first time you go out is always the goal, it may actually also be one of the bad first date ideas to avoid. When trying to impress, there is always that tendency to exaggerate things and end up bragging about or making up stories.

As first dates are about getting to know each other, it would be best to just be yourself and not fake anything. Be truthful about yourself although you may want to avoid talking too much about your negatives so as not to shoo your date away.

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3) Do not let the pressure get to you.

First dates are often full of jitters as it would often be the first time that the two of you will be together by yourselves. There is always that pressure of impressing the other person and making sure that the date will have a good time.

Although this should always be the goal, this could end up getting one too nervous about the date. It may be best to loosen up instead and act like you will simply be just hanging out with a long-time friend. Smile, laugh, be friendly and just enjoy each other’s company.

4) Avoid going too fast.

A common question that people would ask: how far should one go on a first date? Is a kiss on the lips okay or would a peck on the cheek suffice? It would really depend on how the date goes but always remember that among the bad first date ideas would be to go too fast.

Take things slow and try to gauge your date. You can make a subtle move but not too much – see if your date responds to it and if he or she does, then you may proceed. Still, remember not to go too far – it is only your first date after all.

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