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Establishing Trust in Dating and Relationships

A new romance is an exciting and adventurous opportunity for long term possibilities. Regardless of the level of commitment in your current partnership, establishing trust in dating and relationships should be a priority.

Short Term Trust

To begin a solid foundation when first dating someone, it is helpful to follow a few tips to maintain this trust.

• Always respond

Don’t play mind games with the person you are dating. Keeping someone worried or wondering where you are or what you are doing by not returning calls or messages is simply unfair. By responding you show your ability to care about a persons feelings before you know them well. This is a good quality to have and will serve you in the long term.

• Don’t Lie or Pretend

Delusions of grandeur, false stories or insincere displays of affection may seem like a good way to impress someone but ultimately you have ruined your shot at ever having a real relationship with this person. Once they find you are a façade, the trust will be broken and difficult to mend, for how can they believe anything you say?

• Admit Weakness

It is perfectly fine to open up to someone you have been dating and let them know you are less than perfect. In fact, by doing so, you allow them to also feel comfortable sharing their secrets with you. Yes, you will feel vulnerable, scared and unsure but this is the beauty of intimacy. It begins with an ability to express and trust there won’t be negative judgment.


Long Term Trust

If you follow the tips for short term trust, then long term trust will hopefully be nothing more than maintenance in your relationship. By now, your partner should have a good idea of who you are; what secrets you keep and be able to also share these qualities with you.

In order to insure you are establishing trust in dating and relationships, keep these long term dating advice in mind.

• Don’t Throw Daggers

Fighting in relationships is normal and certainly happens when two people are very close. The problem with this closeness is you both know what buttons to push to bring each other down. It is imperative to the trust between you to never push these buttons.

Throwing hurtful daggers and mean words will only cause a rift between you. Over time the words you have spoken will act as a wedge and crack the foundation you have worked so hard to establish.

• Be Honest

With yourself and with your partner. You cannot expect to be granted trust magically. Trust is achieved first and foremost through an openness and integrity you share together. Be real and clear about how you feel in order to work through issues.

• Fidelity

In other words, cheating is the ultimate undermine in any relationship. This doesn’t refer only to sex. Any form of sexual advance toward someone else is considered cheating. You may think you won’t get caught but someday, you will suffer the consequences. You will find you have ripped the seams of your entire relationship.

Infidelity is the most detrimental and difficult trust to overcome. It causes unspeakable damage to the other person causing them deep humiliation as well as an inability to trust again. Think twice before you consider ruining someone’s life. Break up rather than cheat if that’s what it takes to preserve decency.

By establishing trust in dating and relationships you are setting up a positive life and a firm footing for yourself and any partner. Keep in mind, trust is the most difficult to earn and easiest to loose.

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