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First Date Etiquette: Do’s And Don’ts

Making a good impression is always the number one goal in a first date. For this reason, it is very important that you know how to act and what things you have to avoid if you want to be able to score a second date.

So, what should you do? First, you have to acquaint yourself with a few first date etiquette tips that you need to follow.

This will ensure that you and your date will be able to enjoy each other’s company and have a good time. If things go smoothly, it may just open a door for a second date!

1) Confirm the date.

When going out on a first date, there will always be that fear of being stood up by the other person. To give your date peace of mind, it would be best to call him or her to confirm that you will indeed be showing up on the date.

Make sure that you are both clear with the specifics of the date such as the time and place to meet up. Aside from giving your date a chance to relax, calling is also an indication of your interest on the activity.

2) Do not be late.

It is a big no-no to be late on the date as it gives off a bad first impression. If you show up late, it would only mean that you are not interested with being on the date. Also, it would show that you have no respect for your date and his or her time. Punctuality is a quality that many people find attractive and if you show up late, it could only mean that you cannot be relied upon.

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3) Do not talk on the phone.

First dates are being done in order to get to know the other person. It is therefore an important first date etiquette tip to avoid talking to another person, on the phone or in person, when you are with your date. You must always focus your attention on your date at all times. It is rude to be talking to someone else while your date is trying to make good conversation with you.

4) Maintain a good conversation.

Do not go for one-word responses as it would only give off the impression that you are not interested in talking with your date. Instead, sound enthusiastic (but not too much) and keep yourself interested with your date. Talk about hobbies and interests and find a common ground to talk about. Do not forget to give compliments to your date every now and then. Read this article for more first date conversation tips...

5) Avoid being too aggressive.

It is an essential first date etiquette to avoid using any aggressive moves on your date lest you end up with a slap on the face. You would definitely not want to leave such bad impression and such behavior would not earn you a second date.

Do your flirting in a simple and subtle manner and know your limitations. Asking too much too soon is also something that should be avoided on a first date as it could just scare the other person away.

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