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First Date Kiss - How to Kiss Women on a First Date

Men end their first dates hoping the same thing: that they would be able to score a second date with the girl, especially if he finds her attractive.

What not many people know is that the kiss on a first date goes can be a big factor in determining whether or not a girl would give the guy a chance to seeing her again.

So now, the question lies on whether or not to kiss a girl on the first date. This is especially a very exciting moment but it could also be just as frightening as well, as it could be a make or break thing. It is then very important that one’s first date kiss be executed properly and timed well in order to ensure that it is effective in getting a second date.

1) Maintain fresh breath.

You can never be too sure when your first kiss with each other would happen thus it is important to always keep one’s breath fresh, just in case. When on a date, do not eat food and beverages with pungent odors such as garlic, onions and alcohol. Smoking is also a big no-no. It would also help a lot to keep breath mints with you on dates as you would never know when they could turn out as extremely useful items.

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2) Make the first move.

Except when faced with aggressive women, men generally have to make the first move on the opposite sex. When you are near the end of your date and are perhaps taking your date home, try to lean closer to your face and see how she reacts. Most often, a woman would lean her head even closer to you if she is interested and ready to give you that magical first kiss.

3) Stare into her eyes.

Setting the mood in order to make that first date kiss can be awkward so you have to try your best to make it as smooth as possible. Once you have run out of things to say, you can perhaps take advantage of the moment and look her in the eyes, slowly leaning your face into her face.

See how she reacts to this and if she does not move away then it is perhaps a sign that you could go on with the kiss. Close your eyes when your lips are only a few inches away and wait for that magical kiss to happen.

4) Start with a smack.

Do not go all out right away. Instead, start with a gentle peck on the cheek or a smack on the lips but do not be in a hurry. Savor the moment that your lips touched her lips. If she kisses you back then great – remember not to go aggressive though and just follow her movements.

You might want to hold the back of her hair and then open your mouth when this happens but never use your tongue before she does. If there is no response, slowly move away as she may already be feeling uncomfortable with what is happening.

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