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Fun First Date Ideas

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Are you at a loss for first date ideas and having trouble approaching women because of it? You're probably aware that old "dinner and a movie" thing went out of date with jackets, Corvettes and Bon Jovi's music.

So what are some fun date ideas that can help add momentum to your dating life? If this is something you've been asking yourself, here are five great ideas to jazz up your dating life...

1) Ask Her What She Likes to Do

Yes, I realize that this sounds obvious. But how often do you actually ask a woman what she likes to do for fun before she realizes that you're about to ask her out? Chances are she'll be willing to tell you as long as she thinks you're just asking.

This will give you some creative ideas that will be sure to get her excited.

2) The Beach

This might not be a possibility depending on where you live, but it can be an exciting opportunity to get comfortable with some. At most beaches, there is enough going on to where you don't feel like it's too private or intimate....which is more comfortable for her.

But it also gives you a chance to spend some time together without actually being interrupted by other people.

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3) Art Shows or Art Museums

Most art is either subtly sexual or very passionate in nature, and is likely to bring out that kind of reaction in her (at least a little bit). Sure, you still have to make sure that she's interested in you instead of the art. But this will also give you something interesting to discuss and help you learn a little bit about how she interprets things.

4) Rock Climbing or Hiking

There are probably several other things of this nature that you can think of which might be good for a woman who is active or who likes the outdoors.

Choosing activity-based dates gives you something to focus on other than trying to keep up a conversation and takes the awkwardness away from getting to know one another. At the same time, it provides you with and opportunity to talk and gives you something to talk about.

5) Sight Seeing

This kind of first date is only effective if you take her to a place where she has the opportunity to see a variety of things. Some cities have downtown areas which are very good for sightseeing because they have many different shops and businesses. Downtown areas are also good because many of them have parks you can walk in so that you can get the best of the outdoors and of the city life.

This also gives you the option of stopping in somewhere for a bite to eat or a cup of coffee (if the date is going well). But the other way in which sightseeing can be VERY effective for a first date is the psychological impression that it creates:

Have you ever noticed that the greater variety of experiences you share with someone the longer it feels like you've known them? Believe it or not, this principle can be used to help you dates to become more comfortable with you in a shorter time period.

By experiencing a variety of things on the first date, you create the impression that the date was longer than it actually was and that you've spent more time together. It's likely that your date will go with the impression that she has known you longer.

TIP: If you doubt this to be true, just try it. Choose this approach for the next date that you go out on and see what perception it creates in you.

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