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How to Ask a Shy Girl on a Date

While you may be a pro at picking up chicks at bars and in social settings, you may need to learn a thing or to about how to ask a shy girl on a date. Females with social phobias or reserved demeanors require a bit more careful planning when it comes to asking them out.

Don’t worry though, they are just as eager for male attention and you simply need to learn the best way to approach them.

Bold vs. Aggressive

A shy female is going to be much more cautious than a more social gal. She will not be the one striking up conversations with you nor will she make it clear she is interested. This girl often must be fished out of her shell from which she hides yet this has to be done carefully lest she lock the doors!

This girl may be shy but she is certainly not dumb. Her quiet attitude is one that says, try and catch me if you can but I am NOT chasing anyone. What she may need is someone to boldly approach her in spite of herself. She may be radiating low self esteem or internal conflict which could be keeping the guys away, in spite of what she really wants. What she truly is looking for is a prince to sweep her off her feet and hold her close and keep her safe.

If you can have a bold; Knight in shining armor approach with her, she will immediately be drawn toward the safety of your arms. In order to do this you will have to be confident enough to approach her and not allow her to turn you down right away yet also be a gentleman who is respectful and caring.

What you don’t want to do is come across as aggressive or chauvinistic. This style will send her running as she will be nervous or scared around this personality type. Because she is so reserved, pounding down on her shell is not the way to break into her territory. You may as well say goodbye if you use this tactic first.

Humility and Sincerity

To learn how to ask a shy girl on a date, you have to understand the concept of humility and sincerity. She is not the type to laugh at your cheesy pick up line and agree to go out with you because you are good looking and funny. Instead she will be more drawn to your inner sensitivity because this is the frequency she is tuned into. Her life is quiet, introspective and reflective and therefore she is looking for someone to either be that way or recognize it in her.

Approaching her and mocking her shyness or insulting her timidity is not the way to go with this girl. Instead, find a way to compliment her and make sure you are sincere. Be able to make fun of yourself and show her you don’t think you are perfect. This will help set her at ease and make her feel like you can accept her for who she is as a person. You see, in her mind she is a mysterious individual that no one could possibly understand and anyone who can must be her soul mate.

Once you have mastered these tips on how to ask a shy girl on a date, simply keep your eyes open for her. She will be the quiet one; possibly with her head down or alone. She may not be openly inviting at first but with patience and persistence you should get her to warm up to you. Always remember, just because she is shy doesn’t mean she wants to be left alone.

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