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How to Display the Body Language of an Alpha Male

According to an Alpha Male is the dominant male animal or person in a group. When it comes to relationships, knowing how to display the body language of an alpha male can provide a wide array of success for men.

In the animal kingdom, take the wolf pack for example, the alpha male is the dominant source for population.

They will mate with any female within their territory regardless of the competition as well as lead their pack.

While guys may not want to take this route, it certainly helps to have the attitude and body language which indicates this is possible should he choose to do so.

In order to give the impression you are an Alpha Male, it is important to first let go of any Beta Male tendencies you may have. Nervous, insecure or unsure behavior will certainly pin you as weak or inferior. To be an Alpha Male you have to be constantly conscious of your actions until they become habits. Below are a few habits to begin eliminating.

Beta Male Habits Need Breaking

• Hands in Pockets or Behind Back
• Fidgeting
• Looking at the Floor
• Not Making Eye Contact
• Slouching

To begin adapting Alpha Male habits, begin looking at your confidence level. If it is not high, you will need to practice your physical changes often (a sort of fake it till you make it approach). Begin with your lower body and work your way up from there.

Lower Body

• Wide Stance

Whether you are sitting with one leg crossed or standing up, you must always have a wide stance. This means over exaggerate the crossed leg to be really widely crossed rather than slightly crossed.

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• Take up Space

Lean way back with your hands behind your head in order to take up space with crossed legs. Otherwise, if you are standing, position yourself so you take up as much room as possible. The idea is to look as though you own the room and anything in or near your space is within your control. Don’t worry about looking ridiculous. Practice alone or in public where no one will recognize you until you feel comfortable and relaxed in this position.

• Keep Your Body Parts Exposed

The goal is to accentuate the fact that you are a man by not covering, cowering or hiding your masculine parts. Although they may be clothed, you should act as though everything is exposed and you have the biggest, longest, most enduring parts in the room. Never cross yourself or hide as this would indicate a weakness in your masculinity.

• Long Strides

Another trick in how to display the body language of an Alpha Male is to take nice long strides which are not too quick nor are they short and choppy when you walk. You are not in a hurry as life is at your command and time will stand still as you wish.

Upper Body

• Relaxed Hands, Palms Up

If you are fidgeting with your fingers or wasting energy by moving around for no real reason, you are simply indicating an uncomfortable disposition and nervousness. Keep your palms relaxed and in front of you or behind your head. This gives a sense of openness which translates into confidence.

• Shoulders Back, Chest Out

Just like a prancing rooster prowls his hen house, you should keep your chest out and shoulders back as though you own everything. Don’t worry if you don’t feel it, eventually, you will bring yourself into this position and it will be relaxed and comfortable rather than trying too hard. Having your chest out indicates strength and also exposes your heart. Having an open heart means you have nothing to hide and you are not afraid of anything.

• Delegation Gestures

Learn how to display the body language of an alpha male by behaving like someone who runs meetings is waited on and can direct the world. If you want a drink, don’t wait impishly at the bar for the bar tender to eventually come over, rather put your hand up and wave them over like you are the biggest V.I.P in the room.

Gesture for the check rather than ask nicely for it. Hail a taxi with authority rather than timidity. Using strong hand gestures which are assured and aggressive will insure you are paid attention to and people will assume you ARE someone important.

By utilizing all these body language secrets, you can develop into a successful leader as well as the guy who gets all the girls!

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the master plan