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How to Impress Women

Many guys think there are huge secrets to be learned in how to impress women. The truth is it’s not very difficult at all!

Women are prone to flattery and not as complicated when it comes to getting them to take interest. You just have to know how it’s done and what to avoid doing first.

After a bit of practice, you will be able to take your dating and relationships to the next level.

What to Avoid

In order to appeal to women, it is imperative you avoid the following:

-Cheesy Memorized Lines
-Bragging or Bravado
-Heartfelt Pleas
-Acts of Desperation

Cheesy Memorized Lines

Although there are numerous dating help articles which cover a broad range of pick up lines and tricks, the best tactic is a simple hello! Memorized lines basically tell a girl you are not confident enough in who you are to simply be yourself. Instead you need to rely on regurgitated cliché’s which someone else wrote in order to be interesting and attractive.

Bragging or Bravado

An Alpha Male is the dominant male. He simply just is. He has no need to convince everyone he is superior, macho or a man. Rather than brag or show off, consider how you may appear. Simply be relaxed and confident without pretending.

If you have to pretend you are confident when you are actually just nervous, do so without over exaggerating your masculinity. Humility is much more attractive than chauvinism.

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Heartfelt Pleas

In order to learn how to be attractive to women you must stay away from cry baby pleas or expressing your undying devotion too soon. If you tend to fall in love easily, are always telling her every thought you have of her or how you felt the moment you saw her, she may simply roll her eyes.

Not because she doesn’t believe your sincerity but because you don’t have enough control over your emotions to keep them in check. You should always have her wondering if she should be trying to please you since you are so confident.

Acts of Desperation

Throwing yourself at her feet or chasing after her when she’s turned you down is not anyway to impress her. You need to learn when to let it go and move on. If she is not interested, have some self composure and shrug it off. She may rethink her decision based on your obviously high level of self esteem. If you have the attitude there are many fish in the sea she may be impressed with your resilient attitude.


To impress a woman, you must come across as strong and confident at all times. She will lose respect for you if you begin listing your every fear and insecurity (especially with reference to her).

Instead spend time focusing on positive things and keep your interactions light and fun. She doesn’t want to spend her evening coddling your poor self esteem and helping you feel better about yourself. That doesn’t leave any room for her now does it?

Learning how to impress women is easy once you have figured out what not to do. The rest is easy as women are not so hard to impress. Confidence is the number one impression to make, followed by sincerity and a positive attitude. All those things create a superb sense of genuine happiness and excitement around you.

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