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How to Keep a Conversation Going With Women (Without Awkward Silences)

While striking a conversation with a woman is one thing, keeping a conversation going is another. Once a man finally musters enough courage to approach a woman and introduce himself to her, the next big problem that he has to face would be on how to keep a conversation going.

Yes, oftentimes women get bored especially if a man has no sense of humor, has no interest in her or is just plain boring to talk to.

This is why if you want to make friends with her and eventually get her number, it would help to know some tips on how you could keep your conversation with a woman going – unless of course you are perfectly contented with sitting alone while a hotter guy approaches her.

1) Follow the 90/10 conversation rule.

Since you were the one who approached, then it would follow that you would be carrying the conversation 90 percent of the time. Naturally, a woman is caught off guard and is not warmed up yet for conversation so if you let her carry the conversation, there is a big chance of hearing those awkward silences for most of the time.

2) Do not ask too many questions.

Keeping conversation would involve asking questions. Formulate interesting ones or talk about topics such as your surroundings, her, her interests and hobbies, her ambitions and so on. However, while you will have to become more of the listener than the talker, you must also remember not to ask too many questions just to let her speak. If you do, you could irritate and annoy her and she would just end the conversation right away and walk out.

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3) Keep track of her body language.

Women would often show signs and signals if they are actually interested in keeping up the conversation with you. Many guys get stuck in their own head thinking that every woman they approach are interested in him.

Prevent this from happening and be sure to keep track of her body language – if she keeps close to you then she does have interest in you but if her body is away from you then you might have to back out little by little.

4) Be interested in her.

A lot of men also make the mistake about talking too much about them. Since you approached the girl, this would mean that you would like to know her better and not her know you better. If you want to know how to keep a conversation going not just with women but also with other people then this is it: stay focused on the conversation and ask things about the other person.

5) Keep the conversation casual.

Showing off signs that you are more interested in other things other than making friends with her then be prepared for disappointment. Keep your conversation casual and avoid sounding like you are itching to take her to bed. This is a big turn off and you could risk getting your face slapped or your ass kicked.

Once you get the hang of this, it's going to transform the way you approach and interact with women you meet. If you haven't already, you should check out 'Conversation Chemistry' for more great tips and techniques:

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