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How to Set Up the Next Date

It is hard enough to start up a conversation with a girl you’ve just met, let alone having her give you her number.

But that hardship fades in comparison to having to set up the next date with a girl you’re talking to for the first time.

It is arguably one of the biggest hurdles that men have as far as success with woman is concerned.

‘Setting up the date’ is basically the first part of the dating skill set. When you set up your next date perfectly, you’ll make the rest easier. What follows is a tried and tested date set up model that is bound to lead to more successful dates.

Have a plan

Firstly, you need to have some sort of plan to invite your object of attraction to. If you have a set date to invite a girl to, it makes your life much easier. Once that one is in place, setting up the next one will be far too easy and you won’t have to worry about it.

Seed your plan

What you want to do next is to seed your plan. You can do this by describing something about the place you want to take your girl to. Talk about the place like you’re very familiar with it.

Oversell the plan but don’t invite her

In other words, ‘oversell’ the place without inviting her. Why is this tactic very powerful? Because she’s more likely to believe that the place is fun if you talk about it in a way that is not a direct approach of inviting her.

So, just describe whatever it is that makes the place nice but in a way that would make it seem like the best place in the world to hang out. Do not invite her at this point, in fact, give it about 5 to 10 minutes before moving on to the next part of the date set up.

The next part is to invite her to the place with a qualifier

Start with something like this, ‘Now that we’ve been talking for a while, I think you’re a great person and I’d like you to come along for bowling next Tuesday. But I’ll only take you along if you promise to do one thing; buy me a drink! ’

You’re inviting her but again placing a hoop for her to jump in order to be accepted to the date. The more you make it less obvious for her to come, the more she’s likely to show up.

Finally, get her number.

The last thing to do on your date set  up is to get her number so that you can follow up with the plan. The thing is that even if you now have her number, she still has control on whether to pick up your calls, or to show up for the date. What you will be looking to avoid is being flaked, so mind the way you do the follow up.

If you do this set up perfectly when you’ve just met a woman, you will be able to convince any woman to go on the next date with you.

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