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Things to Take With You On a Date

Okay, so you’ve got a date – finally and your super excited and ready to go! Well, don’t let a memory lapse ruin your well anticipated time together.

Regardless of whether you are a guy or a girl, below is a mental checklist so you don’t forget the essential things to take with you on a date.

Guys Checklist

• Keys

It would really stink if she was finally ready to come in and you were locked out! Talk about mood killer!

• Wallet

What, you need her to pay? Dirty trick! Nothing would say cheap more than forgetting to pay, especially on a first date.

• ID

You don’t want to feel like you are a freshman, better not forget this if you want liquid courage or entry to the V.I.P. lounge. Besides, you want her to know she is dating an adult.

• Breath mint

Or gum. Anything to get rid of the garlic you ate for dinner. Be sure to have one for when you first see her, one for after any food or drinks and one for the final kiss.

• Protection

And no, not your insurance policy or a pocket knife! You wouldn’t want to get all the way undressed only to be shut down now would you?

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Gals Checklist

• Keys

In case you want to invite him in or God forbid you’re locked out and have no place to go but his!

• Wallet

In case he’s a cheapskate or you need a cab.

• ID

So you can prove you really are old enough to date him and stuff!

• Breath mint

In case he needs one or kissing is on your agenda.

• Feminine Care Products

Tampons, wipes, spray or pads; wouldn’t want an embarrassing accident to ruin the day.

• Protection

Yes, you should also be prepared. Boys are forgetful and yes, you may want to include a can of maze.

• Panties

In case you don’t wear any but change your mind or in case you want to leave a pair behind.

• Lingerie

You just may want to really surprise him this time.

• Emergency #

In case you need a back up plan and have to escape out the bathroom window.

On a more serious note, certainly don’t forget things like a spare coat if it’s cold (or if she’s cold) a back up itinerary and a positive and uplifting perspective. These items will all save you a great deal of trouble in the long run and also make dating a cinch. Do forget the ex, the negatives and the discussions about mommy. Leave these things happily behind and enjoy a grown up time out.

By following the list of things to take with you on a date, you will hopefully enjoy a fabulous time on your next outing. Oh, and don’t forget your head, your smile or your kissable lips either! All may come in handy. Create a checklist every time you go out in order to have a successful date and not run into any snafus along the way.

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