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Flirting And Seduction Tips to Bed Women

Many women have stories about how he swept her off her feet and the next thing she knew, she was in his bed!

Now if you are like most guys, I’m sure you are dying to learn the flirting and seduction tips for men to bed women that work.

Luckily, these tips work and they are just that – sure fire tips – not tricks! These are powerful techniques gleaned not from men, but from sexually active females who are seeking dynamic male counterparts.

Porn is NOT Real Life

Guys, here’s the thing…Porn can be a fun pass time but one thing is for sure, it is not a great teacher. Most porn, directed by men for men, advocates horny females throwing themselves at overtly macho guys. This is not real life. A female is a little more complicated than that and if you want her in your bed, you should be prepared to do a little work.

A macho guy with obvious sexual intentions is a total turn off. Any female you approach with your appetite exposed will shut you down, pronto! Want to know why? It’s simple, girls like mystery. There is no mystery if you make it clear you want to have sex with her, end of story.

Mysterious Flirting

On that note, to be attractive to a female, try flirting without flirting. In other words, make direct eye contact to get her attention, look her over, and then look away. Don’t give her any indication you have surmised she is attractive and of interest. Let her wonder and be intrigued by your self confidence.

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Get Beneath the Surface to Get Beneath the Covers

One mistake most guys make is to immediately strike up a boring conversation that a girl knows will lead to him asking her out. Instead, get a conversation going that speaks of things she enjoys sharing.

Get into her head with thought provoking questions. Earn her trust by paying attention to her answers and ask more questions. A stimulating conversation leads to a stimulating experience for her - all around.

Women are tied sexually to their emotions. If you can get her to talk about something beneath the surface or notice something intricate about her, she will be much more open to your advances. Most women believe a considerate guy will be better in bed.

Turn Her on Without Her Knowing

One thing a woman loves more than anything is a challenge! If you can create a subtle game, the foreplay will excite her and get her hot for you later.

Create this energy by touching her gently during a conversation. Playfully stroke her hand or fingers and then pull away. Instead of rubbing her back, run your fingers down the back of her neck. If you are in close proximity, try acting like you are going to kiss her or touch her but don’t. Read this article on How to Touch Women And Get Them Excited for more details.

She will be waiting and the longer it takes you, the more she will want it. The best flirting and seduction tips to bed women always involve subtleties. Whisper in her ear but don’t whisper your intentions. Keep her guessing and wondering if you are really attracted to her physically.

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Getting Her to the Bedroom

If you can create a date night scenario or a hang out at your place evening; chances are she will already be considering the implications. Getting her to agree to come over is the halfway point to getting her to your bed. Now what?

Get cozy. That’s right. Put in a movie, give her a comfy pair of your pj’s or a sweatshirt and suggest vegging out. Of course this may require a little effort on your part. Yes, you may have to sit through a chick flick, but hey, whatever gets her in the mood right?

As mentioned earlier, women are first stimulated on an emotional level. They are looking for a strong and special connection with someone in order to justify sex. Tapping into her emotions will give her the confidence she needs to strip naked before you, so to speak.

You can also skip the movie. Instead light a few candles don’t go crazy. You don’t want her to feel like you are overdoing it just to get in her pants. Women enjoy a romantic atmosphere in which to actively live out their passionate fantasies.

Go slowly. Don’t make big moves until she is practically begging you for it. Touch her gently; get her used to your closeness. Once she is comfortable you can move on to kissing. Always be sure you are not advancing faster than she is receiving. If you do it right, she will be the one making the moves and requesting your reciprocation.

If you use these flirting and seduction tips to bed women, you are sure to score. Always remember to make her feel special. The more unique she believes she is to you, the more likely she will open up and give you what you desire in return.

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