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3 Conversation Tips

When you meet the woman of your dreams, you want to do everything possible to ‘get it right’. You will ‘dress to impress’, maintain a well-groomed appearance, and even go out of your way to learn the nicest words to tell her.

One thing is for sure: the power of first impressions is like no other and therefore you ought to get it right the first time, or there will be no other time.

It is quite common to meet someone you really like in a cluttered social setting, with many friends and other people around, and distractions that keep things lively and interesting.

However, the story is totally different on a date, especially the first date with a woman. We are talking about the creation of a very personal relationship, and with it, a conversation style of its own.

No doubt such a scenario can be extremely nerve-wracking and intimidating initially, but when you’re armed with the right advice, you can rest assured that you will be able to take charge of the situation. Here are three conversation tips for a first date.

1. Keep the humor in everything

The conversation on a first date should be nothing other than fun, and there’s almost no situation in which it should be anything other than that. That means you don’t go blubbering about how loveless you’ve been and how lonely your life is. What you want to avoid is to weigh her down with your own worries and insecurities that bog you down. These are the kind of things that guarantee that you will be seeing her for the last time.

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A good way to avoid this is to instead focus on what is lifting you up. Discuss your interests and generally where you want to get in life and perhaps how you plan to get there. You need to be careful though not to come off as bragging. Give the impression that you’re seriously working on your plans. Just keep it fun, not too serious.

2. Try to understand who she is

When a woman accepts to go on a first date with you, she has already given you an unofficial pass to ask her anything about herself, so use this opportunity to the fullest. Try to find out, not only who she is but what she aspires to be; what are her dreams and things like that.

One great strategy for first date conversation is to challenge a woman from the get-go. Ask her bland but essential questions and make her think a little bit more than most other guys have in the past. For instance, you can ask something like, ‘so what are you in college for?’ Then you can build on from there and easily transition to talking about aspirations and family.

3. Create future trends

Whenever you’re holding a conversation with a woman on a first date, it is good to establish the alluring idea of future happenings during the conversation, for instance, you can just give her a slight idea of what your next date will be like, or where you plan to take her. It takes much of the anxiety and pressure off the first date and helps you set up the next date. Just remember to incorporate a visual aspect into your little peeks into the future.

These few conversation tips will set you apart straight off and you will be firmly on your way to conquering her heart.

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