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3 Laws of Text Flirting

As you might be aware, texting is one of the most powerful tools to build attraction while flirting.  But why is this?

To understand this, we have to first think about all the things that go into creating attraction in the real world – humor, scent, confidence, timing, poise, among others.

You can call these attraction triggers. The reason why it’s so hard to build attraction in the real world is because all those action triggers have to be accounted for, short of which you’ll not succeed in your dating.

The point is you’ll have more chances of building attraction if you have less attraction triggers to deal with. That’s precisely what texting does. It is only words and timing that you have to account for. Texting the right words at the right time will increase your chances of succeeding in your dating.

Below, we’ll discuss three dating tips that you must adhere to when flirting, so that you ‘stand out from the crowd’.

1. Use the right timing to build suspense

When text messaging, you need to build suspense at times. This is particularly useful to do if someone sends a vulnerable message. For instance, if you get a message like ‘Are you busy tonight?’ Or ‘What time should I come over?’ You need to hold them for about ten minutes in that vulnerable place before you finally give them relief that all is fine with you.

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Think of it as a time when you lose your wallet or keys. At first, it doesn’t seem so bad and you keep hoping you’ll get them soon as you look around. As times goes without locating them, you start getting uneasy inside and frantically start looking in all sorts of places.

When ten minutes have elapsed, you really get stressed-out and you just wish they would appear from nowhere. And when you finally get them, you get a high sense of relief and a good feeling too. The same should be applied to texting.

2. Make it fun, simple and unclingy

If you care too much about what you’re going to send, it will probably show in your message. You’re probably familiar with how stressful it feels when you’re trying to send the ‘perfect’ message to someone special. And then after you’ve sent it, you realize that you could actually have sent something better!

You just need to relax and understand that there’s plenty of fish in the sea, then you’ll be able to craft light, fun messages, not ones that say, ‘Please reply, I need you!’

3. Mind the words you use

We all know how powerful words are. They can easily determine what stage you’re at in a relationship and possibly how strong and long the relationship will last. What you need to do is select words that create attraction, not friendship.

You’ll not get any guide containing such words, you have to be your own judge here. Before you send that text, read it again and judge whether it relegates you into the friend zone or it puts you in a special ‘group of people’.

These are some of the basic SMS flirting tips but certainly, there are hundreds more out there. Once you get these ones, the rest will come naturally.

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