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Alpha Seduction Techniques For Men

You may not realize it but using a few seduction techniques on a woman can actually be pretty easy and simple.

Just as long as you do it right and as long as you are not too aggressive when executing these techniques then there should not be much of a problem and you should be able to get your woman where you want her to be.

So, exactly what are the best alpha seduction techniques could you use on your woman?

Read on below and find out. It should not be long before you could get her excited about getting intimate with each other.

1) Act cool and confident.

Nothing turns a woman on more than a man who oozes with confidence. You might not even have to exert as much effort in executing your alpha seduction techniques on her. You have to give her the impression that you know exactly what you are doing and that you will guide her through it.

Also, being Mr. Nice Guy can be cool but more often than not, women actually love playing rough with the bad boys. So, use the confidence of a bad boy and show her what you got.

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2) Go with the flow.

While you may be planning out the flow of things, it is actually best to just leave it aside and go with the flow. The best way to seducing a woman is to simply converse with her in real time.

You may have gone through the smoothest and best pickup lines ever (and yes, they sound pretty good when you rehearsed them) but trying to remember them when you make your moves could just bust you. Besides, you will not be able to concentrate on what is happening at that very moment if you are focused on remembering the lines that you wish to say.

3) Be authentic.

A lot of men love using slick pick-up lines on women but most of the times, they never really work out. Besides, there will be a big chance that the girl has heard what you have just said before and you might only just get a generous slap on the face.

Women easily reject these types of men but would gladly interact and converse with those who are genuine and not pretentious. If you want to even be able to converse with a girl let alone seduce her, then be sure to just stay as you are and act natural.

4) Know the limits.

Although you could be using the best alpha seduction techniques there is, you must also remember the boundaries. Do not act overly aggressive like you were preying on her. If you do not want to be called a jerk, get slapped in the face or kicked in the balls, you must also know where your limitations are.

Determine first if she is actually comfortable with you trying to seduce her and if she responds positively then that should be a sign that you could go on with your seduction techniques. Otherwise, it would be best to slowly move yourself out of her way.

how to be irresistible to women

how to be irresistible to women

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