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Attractive Male Body Language

In your dream she will twirl her hair and whisper to her friend, “there’s just something about him” and you will smile, walk over, take her in your arms and….

Actually, this fantasy could be your reality if you are willing to pay close attention and do a little practicing. Want to know the secret? Body language!

Those subtle things you do with your eyes, hands, legs, arms and so forth give everyone in the room a clear indication of who you are. By mastering attractive male body language, you will not only attract women but learn a great deal about self control.

Take a look at these top 5 body language secrets to get you started. Begin practicing them in the mirror until you get comfortable. Even if you feel silly, try it anyway. Eventually your self assuredness will catch up with the tricks you have learned.

1. Plant Your Feet, Keep Legs Wide, Take Up Space!

Let’s say you walked into a room. You may have already drawn attention to yourself just by entering. Decide where you want to stand and plant your feet. Don’t fidget, sway or move around.

Planting your feet slightly wider apart than natural will give a sense of confidence and authority. Consider the room yours and take up room by maintaining a wide disposition. This will attract others toward you and a natural emanation of leadership will transpire.

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2. Keep Your Palms Open and Arms Uncrossed

The idea here is to have an aura of reticence and openness. When your arms are folded, crossed, behind your back or in your pockets, you express a defensive or insecure nature. This is not attractive male body language.

Having an open demeanor will allow others into your space and present a welcome front with which to be drawn. You never want to cross your legs either as it shows a lack of self esteem when it comes to your masculinity.

3. Wide Chest and Good Posture

Having good posture is another form of attractive male body language. It is not simply for your physical well being but also indicates a level of superiority which people are attracted to; especially women. Having an open chest shows a level of authority and confidence. This is an essential body language that you need to exhibit to get better success with women.

4. Move Fluidly

In other words, try not to be jerky or move quickly. Keep your gestures, movements and actions slow and fluid. This will show a level of sophistication through your physicality. Women are attracted to affluent men who know how to carry themselves.

5. Keep Head and Eyes Forward

You should always be able to maintain eye contact directly and hold a gaze. Avoid looking down at the ground or your feet as this shows a lack of self esteem. A confident and attractive man will have a slightly elevated chin and eyes which peruse a room rather than hiding.

Ultimately, what this all adds up to is a measure of confidence. You may not be someone who is generally self assured but simply by changing your physical mannerisms, you will begin to change your inner emotional state. Confidence begins with the body and eventually your mind will catch up. Create the habit of attractive male body language and practice it daily until it has become second nature.

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