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Flirting Mistakes – Things Not to Do

Attracting the opposite sex is innately programmed into some of us, while others take time and development.

One of the best ways to perfect the art of attracting women is to be aware of how you are viewed.

Below are the top 5 flirting mistakes – things not to do when picking up girls.

Some of this may seem self explanatory yet many guys do the same dumb things expecting different results.

Mistake #1 – When Staring Becomes Spooky

Yes, it’s fine to look a girl over from across the room for a short period. It is not fine, however, to begin imagining your very fantasy while staring for a good 3-10 minutes, seriously! Don’t be a creepy creep and scare her or you will lose your chances.

Instead, make eye contact and then look away. If she continues to look over at you she is giving you a green light to strike up a conversation or come over.

Mistake #2 – Call Her by the Wrong Name or Forget It

If she offered up her name and you go and blow it by calling her “Candy” or forget all together, she will be highly annoyed. You have just proven you are not capable of listening.

Try using her name a couple of times when you speak to her. This is a trick professional sale teams often use to get people to trust them and feel special.

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Mistake #3 – Flirting in Front of the Boyfriend

Even if he’s not all that, he may have beefy friends willing to teach you a lesson. Pouncing on another guy’s territory is a big no no when it comes to flirting mistakes, things not to do.

If you begin flirting with a gal and discover she is not single, regardless of her interest level you are best off just leaving her alone.

Mistake #4 – Rushing up Close

Running over to get her attention by getting in her face is not a good idea. Especially if you haven’t even made eye contact, smiled or received any encouragement to come over.

Instead, get her attention first and casually walk over. Don’t get too close and invade her personal space. Keep your distance and get her to come closer to you.

Mistake #5 – The Tongue Lick and Other Unsubtle Sexual Gestures

If your flirtatious gestures involve licking your lips at her, panting or thrusting your hips back and forth while nodding eagerly, you can be sure she has already turned her back which leaves you convulsing by yourself to no one, like a dry heaving dog.

Don’t make sexual innuendos towards someone you don’t know. This is rude and inconsiderate. Keep your body language within the realm of a gentleman and avoid immature tendencies.

Above all, become observant. Don’t make mistake #1 (staring) of course but pay attention. Women are much more in tune with what is going on around them than you may think. They will be looking for signs from you and will ultimately judge you before you have had a chance to even strike up a conversation. If you avoid the top 5 flirting mistakes, things not to do, you will have a much better chance of obtaining her affection.

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