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Flirting Tips to Help You Show Interest

Do you have a secret crush? Perhaps you are looking for flirting tips to help you show interest the next time you meet someone with whom you are attracted.

Regardless, there are ways to get a persons attention, flirt positively and let them know you are interested.

The Flirt

According to flirting is defined; to make playfully, romantic or sexual overtures.

While flirtation should always be subtle in nature when you don’t know the person, the key word according to the above definition is playful! Try any of the following techniques next time you want to let someone know they have caught your eye.

• Make direct eye contact

Don’t look away until they have noticed you. Don’t continue to stare once you have gained their attention.

• Smile and/or wink

Once you have their focus, give them a small smile or wink to let them know it was more than happenstance.

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• Raise your eyebrow

As if to say, “you interested?”

• Buy them a drink or a flower

Do it from a distance, wait for a positive response.

• Brush up against them

Don’t overdo it but slight body contact can ignite immediate chemistry.

• Feign embarrassment or bashfulness

Even if you are highly confident, bashfulness tells someone, “Oops, you caught me looking.”

Communicative Flirting

Other flirting tips to help you show interest include the various forms of conversation. Once you strike up the communication, try some of these flirtatious topics or lines to show interest.

• Do you always look this good?
• I saw you from all the way across the room and had to at least meet you.
• You have a very special presence.
• I know you don’t know me but I couldn’t help notice you.
• I don’t usually talk to strangers…
• I’m sure you are busy with everyone wanting to talk to you…
• I just HAVE to get to know you.
• I just came over to say – wow, hi.

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Pay Attention

Always watch for clues the other party is interested. You don’t want to stalk them down but do keep tabs on them. If you are communicating, be sure not to stare doe eyed or drool but rather listen and respond accordingly. Look for these signs to know if your flirting tips to help you show interest are working:

• They smile back
• They tilt their head
• Their body language is open and not crossed defensively
• They approach you
• They keep glancing over
• They blush
• They play with their hair or fidget nervously around you
• They are eager to talk to you
• They ask questions
• They inch closer
• They touch you affectionately
• They whisper to their friends and look at you with interest

Flirting is a fantastic way to play, interact and gauge the water before diving in. Once you have another’s attention, it is generally easy to figure out if they are interested. Pay attention to subtle clues but remain mysterious enough to keep them guessing. Follow the flirting tips to help you show interest above. If you find yourself attracted, be sure your body language and flirtations indicate you are certainly interested.

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