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Flirting With Women Through Texting (SMS)

It may not seem like it would work out but flirting with women through texting (SMS) is a trend that has caught up not just with teenagers but even among the adults.

The great thing about flirting through texting is that it takes away the jitters that one would feel when trying to approach a woman in person.

Thus, a man’s wooing skills can be tested and the fear of rejection is lessened because of the lack of personal interaction.

Still, flirting with women through the cellphone requires quite a skill as a lot of women have already learned from the past mistakes of others.

Here are a few tips to score on a woman through text and not be labeled as one of the jerks.

1) Tease.

The best use that you could use SMS technology would be to tease a woman. Tease her like you would in person but never come to the point that you are already harassing her. You can comment on her clothes or her attitude – just come up with anything that sounds really flirty.

Make sure to say something nice as well. Be a little subtle on your moves so she would not know that you are already starting to woo her.

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2) Stop being aggressive.

If your aggressive moves do not work on the bar then it would not work through text as well. A woman will be able to decipher your hidden intentions when you do it through texting as there is more time to read, reread and react on the things that you have just said. Do not harass the woman – determine first if she is actually comfortable with you sending out flirty text messages to her.

3) Be unpredictable.

Asking out a woman on a date through texting has already become a predictable trend among men. You surely would not like to be just like any other man there is, you would want to be different and stand out.

Simply continue being friendly with her and do your moves on flirting with women through texting. Then, when she least expects it, tell her what you will be up to tomorrow, the next day or over the weekend and ask her if she would like to join you. You do not need to formally ask her that you will be going out on a date. It simply is just like hanging out together.

Now, these moves on flirting with women through texting are not just effective with those who are in the dating scene. Yes, even married couples and those in long-term relationships may also use this as a way to keep the fire burning between the two of you.

Doing so will surely please your wife or your girlfriend and would even get them to be excited about getting intimate with you later on. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your mobile phone, type in your teasing message and start flirting with your girlfriend or with your wife. Who says mixing technology with love and romance is no good?

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