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How to Flirt With Women

There are dos and don’ts when it comes to how to flirt with women that every guy needs to know. Often guys forget to keep it simple and tend to over exaggerate their attraction techniques in order to impress a girl.

If you find yourself unsure what appropriate flirtation is, follow these guidelines in order to find success in dating.

Flirtation Do’s and Don’ts

• Do Make Direct Eye Contact

You should always let a girl know you are interested first by making eye contact and smiling. This is the most effective style of flirtation and is subtle yet clear enough to keep her guessing.

Don’t stare or make her feel uncomfortable if she isn’t giving you the time of day. You don’t want to come across as creepy or insensitive.

• Wink

It’s perfectly acceptable to wink at a girl you find attractive. She will immediately know you are interested and it also shows a level of self confidence on your end.

Don’t make crude gestures indicating she is hot, has a nice large upper body or lick your lips trying to say you want her. This is immature and gross. Treat her like a lady not a desirable ice cream cone.

• Buy Her a Drink

Buying a drink from across the way is a nice gesture and tells her she is attractive and you don’t mind treating her special.

Don’t buy her a drink in front of her boyfriend or walk right up and buy a drink without testing the waters first. Its one thing to have the bartender deliver her a drink and keep your distance. This way the ball is in her court and there isn’t any pressure.

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• Strike Up a Conversation

If she expresses interest, it’s good to have a little conversation to get the steam rolling. Asking her questions about herself and telling her a little about you are a good way to go.

Don’t immediately ask if she is single or tell her your life story. Also, try and avoid expressing your extreme interest in her. Get to know her a little first.

• Show Some Affection

Touching her hand or leaning towards her and whispering in her ear are subtle yet can heat things up quickly.

Don’t be over aggressive and get too touchy feely early on. Give her a respectable amount of space and be sure she is interested and responsive before progressing with any additional levels of affection. It is important she feels comfortable and secure.

• Be a Gentleman

Pull out her chair and stand up when she does. If she is going outside, offer to escort her. You should always be considerate when learning how to flirt with women. The idea is to treat her like a lady and not a sex object.

Don’t spend all your energy and attention doting on her. She will become easily bored at the lack of challenge. Be nice but not too nice and don’t act in any way desperate for her attention and affection. Although you may want to take her home with you, treat her like you would your mother or little sister and she will appreciate your respect.

Learning how to flirt with women doesn’t involve any amazing feats of magic or tricks. Women are naturally happy with compliments and special treatment and if you keep your flirtations subtle, she will most likely revel in the attention.

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