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How to Seduce Women

You probably have seen a lot of men who seem to be able to take with them the girl of their dreams and wondered how they are able to do such.

Approaching a woman is already one thing, making conversation with them is another but actually seducing and getting them to do what you want them is an entirely different story.

Seducing a woman can take a lot of skill in order to work right. Status and power are two important things that could have them coming to you but there are also many other ways on how to seduce women.

Below are some tips that you could try. See if they work for you.

1) Have a good, positive image.

First of all, you have to make sure that you actually look and feel confident about yourself otherwise it would be hard to get a woman to be seduced to you. The right type of clothing can do wonders in boosting one’s confidence but there are also other ways to do this. You might also want to start being friendly with the people around you and keeping a positive outlook as well.

2) Subtly make her jealous.

Subtly hinting that other girls have interest in you can actually help in speeding up the seduction process. Make her feel jealous and she will do anything to make sure nothing and no one gets in the way between the two of you. She may even be the one to start seducing you eventually.

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3) Start talking seductively.

Talking about work, school or the news are definitely not helpful tips on how to seduce women. Sure, you may have to get into such intellectual conversations from time to time but if you want to seduce her, you have to talk about other things that could actually help get you there.

Talk about vacations spots, dreams, even sex – things that are pleasurable. However, avoid talking about your opinions and instead refer to the things that she likes and finds pleasurable and interesting.

4) Throw in the right elements when conversing with her.

Humor can actually help a lot in speeding up the seduction process. When you start making her laugh, you make her feel relaxed and you start letting her guard down. Because of this, it would be much easier to get to her since she is lowering her defenses.

When talking with her, it would also help a lot if you reach out to her and touch her – do not wait for her to do the first move. However, if she shows signs of resistance, immediately stop it.

5) Make her feel irresistible.

Another of the best ways on how to seduce women would be to tease her on how irresistible she is. You can do so by telling her to stop wearing certain types of clothes or doing certain things because you might not be able to resist her. This is actually a form of reverse psychology and she would probably just keep doing the opposite. This can be a sign that she wants to seduce you as well.

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