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How to "Tease" a Woman the Right Way

Hey, have you ever tried to tease a woman and had it back fire on you? You know, you say something and she completely takes it the wrong way and gets offended.

Was it your fault or is this woman just wound up too tight for life? In a previous email, we talked about how to handle a woman's tests, and I told you that you could tease her.

But how can you tease a woman without her getting insulted and thinking that you're making fun of her? Better yet, how can you tease a woman sexually so that she'll be the one initiating intimacy with you instead of you trying to chase her?

Believe it or not, you can accomplish both of these things using one tool...

Humor is the Key

Have you ever noticed that funny people can get away with saying and doing things that most people can't? Just look at the comedians like Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Robbin Williams, Daniel Tosh and countless others who say things that are overtly sexual or even insulting, but who get away with it because they can make people laugh?

If you want to be able to tease a woman, whether you're calling her out for throwing some unreasonable test at you or you're making some sexually suggestive comment, learn to do it in a humorous and funny way. You'd be amazed at what you can get away with.

Just try it, here are two ways that you can learn to use humor to tease a woman...

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For When She Tests You

As mentioned in an earlier email, women are going to test you. They might make some unreasonable demand of you or just act like a brat and see how you respond to them. Remember, the nice needy and weak guys (the kind who end up in the friend's zone over and over) will fold when a woman tests them.

But a confident man knows that a test is the perfect time to tease a woman. You can do this by making fun of the guys who fold by saying: "Oh, I know what you're expecting. You're expecting the weak little boy to come out like "Awww baby, I'm sorry I made you grouchy...what can I do to make it better? I'll do anything you want."

If you deliver this right, she knows exactly what you're talking about. Men have been bowing to her like this for her whole life. She's tired of it. If you can poke fun at them without sounding like a jerk, she'll usually stop testing you and laugh.

For Creating Sexual Tension

The best advice I can give you here is to watch some of the comedians who use sexuality in their routines: Russell Peters, Eddie Murphy, Robbin Williams, Ron White, Kathy Griffen, Lisa Lampinelli and of course, the master Richard Pryor.

Find the comedians which have personalities that are closest to yours and work on getting in touch with your inner comedian. Yes, it will take some practice, but if you learn to mask sexuality behind humor, you'll only need one more secret ingredient to get women coming onto you...

Make Her Wait

If you can learn to create excitement with small playful touches and sexuality masked behind humor, her curiosity will increase about what it might be like to have you touch her in other places. But don't do it. In fact, tease her by only giving her small kisses, even if she seems to want more.

This is so different than what she's used to, that it will make her want you even more. People normally want something more if they perceive that they can't have it. Believe me, in time she'll be the one trying to take things to the next level.

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