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How to Touch Women And Get Them Excited

A lot of guys who had just started out dating may already have found the girl that they like, have approached her and asked her out often find themselves in a big dilemma: what moves do you make when you want things to start getting intimate?

Smooth talking will never will help you work your way to intimacy. There are certain things that you must do such as have physical contact with her.

But, if you are not ready for any of this yet, then you should stop thinking about getting intimate with her much more attempt to have sex with her.

However, if you are all ready to take things to the next level then are just two very important points you need to follow on how to touch women and get them excited.

1) Use physical touch.

Guys must know how extremely sensitive a woman can get when they are being touched physically. Physical touch is also very important if you want to attract her sexually and this sexual attraction is what would make her excited about you.

However, you have to be sure that you are a little subtle on your moves and not be too overly aggressive. Test the waters by touching her – but do not let her feel like you are meaning to touch her body. Then, as you do this, carefully observe the way she reacts to your touch and see if she finds it comfortable or not.

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If she does not, find other places in which you could touch her. Do not be afraid of rejection – a woman will let you know clearly that she does not want to be touched and create intimacy between the two of you. Just remember that your focus in touching her is to create attraction and to make her feel more at ease with you.

2) Increase the frequency.

If your woman seems to be enjoying your touch then you are on your way to getting her excited about being intimate with you. This is a sign that you should start increasing the frequency of your physical touches. However, make sure that you do not hold on to the touch for too long as it gives the impression that you are indeed meaning to touch her and this could be a big turn off for her.

She may start thinking that you are just after her body and consider you a jerk – the worst thing you can get from that would be a slap on the face, a kick on your balls and you may never get to see her again.

Among the most important tips on how to touch women and get them excited would be to be the first one to break the physical contact. Why so? This would make her feel that you are unlike the other guys who are there just for her body.

Doing so would even make her want you even more and thus would make her more excited about you. Now, you are just a few seduction techniques away from getting intimate with your woman.

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