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How to Touch a Girl without Being Creepy

You like this girl and you seem to get on well so far. But there’s one big problem: the touch barrier. Few guys manage to get past this without coming off as creepy.

A lot of guys make the mistake of jumping from zero physical contact to overly aggressive things like ‘good morning hugs’ and pecks.

The thing is that if you’re in a playful mood, an occasional, playful good morning hug doesn’t really hurt. However, the last thing you want is to be called the guy who’s always trying to cop a feel with hugs.

What you need to do is to take it a bit slower. You want to take it in gradual steps and introduce touching in a subtle way. Wait for those light moments when the two of you are laughing about something, and then lightly touch her elbow. Also, when she mentions something that you agree with, you can use the ‘high fives’.

If you’re passing by, let your arms lightly brush against her but be cautious here; being too aggressive will make you appear creepy. And then occasionally, stand close to her whenever you’re talking so that your arms touch.

If you feel that your connection is at a more comfortable level with her, you can start touching her jewelry, like an interesting bracelet or necklace. Meanwhile, while you’re at it, you can allow your fingers to wander slightly further on her neck, or if it’s the bracelet, touch her hand lightly. While talking, you can lightly brush her abdomen with your fingers in a way that makes it look incidental. Another thing you can do is to pretend like you’re taking something off her face.

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You realize that this touching is all subtle but it sends a powerful message carried by unconscious signals. This is how you touch women to get them excited. Somehow, the animal instincts within us will suddenly start to take notice of the sexual tension undercurrent.

Once you’ve made it clear to a woman that you’re comfortable in the touch realm, you can then move a level higher and introduce more pronounced touching into the relationship. The easiest way to do it is through playful ways.

This means that you can push her out of your way in a playful manner. A fake palm reading stint is a cool idea too. At this time, an exaggerated morning hug could also work but ensure it comes off as playful.

Now comes the critical part. At this stage, she will either be sending ‘girl likes you signs’, or her reaction and body language will be reading, ‘stop, not interested’.

If she’s sending ‘girl likes you’ signals, you can then move another level higher to more intimate touching. Here, you begin to set the stage for kissing. The things you could do here include: putting your head into her neck and smelling her body, touching her neck and then running your fingers through her hair while looking into her eyes, and making her rest her head on your shoulder.

Those are the simple basics in women seduction of moving from zero touch to kissing without being creepy. If you do it right, you can have her in your bed sooner than you thought.

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