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Psychological Tactics To Make Her Crave You

Did you know that you actually can get a woman to CRAVE you, even when you're not around...

...ESPECIALLY when you're not around?

You might have been on the receiving end of this kind of thing more than once: you were crazy about a woman and you absolutely could not imagine your life without her... how would you like to be the one causing a woman to feel that way?

 If this sounds like it might work for you, then here are five psychological tactics, which can help you to do just that...

 #1: Women Crave What they Value

Okay, you probably already know that people only crave things which they consider to be valuable. So the first thing that you need to do demonstrates yourself as a man of value. This isn't as hard to do as it sounds.

All you need is to show her that you have two things: First, social value in the eyes of others. Second, something that she wants.

For the first, you can demonstrate social value by the following strategies: being seen with other people while you're out, showing her that you have a large social circle, being seen by her with other women...friends of course.

Finally, you need to show her that you actually have something that she wants from you. This is where the remaining tactics come in...

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#2: Women Crave What they Can't Have

It's no mystery that people want something more when they perceive that they "can't" have it. Are you putting yourself at your woman's feet or are you demonstrating to her that you have standards and qualifications which she must meet for you to be with her?

If you're not making her earn her way into your life, then she probably won't want to. After all, there's no reason to crave something when you can easily have it at any time.

TIP: Keep from going exclusive in your relationships until you are absolutely certain that your woman is crazy about you. Dating more than one woman at a time instead of getting into serious relationships can create powerful attraction because you will appear to be a prize to be won.

#3: Women Crave What Other Women Might Take

It's not possible to underestimate the power of jealousy when it comes to creating attraction with women. Women are biologically wired to be more prone to jealousy that men are, and this makes them very competitive.

If you want to make your women crave you like crazy and to be in a hurry to "get a hold of you" before someone else does, show her that you have other quality single women available to choose. You can do this simply by keeping the women who you do not decide to date as friends and spending time with them.

Even if it's just as friends, you'll find that having other potential girlfriends in your life will greatly increase your date's craving and sense of urgency to be the "one and only" in your life.

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#4: Women Crave What's Scarce

Scarcity is one of the principals by which people determine the value of something. The more valuable you seem to your woman, the more she will desire you. Most men make the mistake of making themselves too available to a woman. But women are less likely to crave something which is readily available to them at all times.

Are you answering the phone every time she calls and calling her right back? Do you drop whatever you're doing to spend time with her... no matter how important what you're doing is? Are you making yourself available to her or are you creating the need for her to compete for her place in your life?

TIP: Keep a few nights to yourself when you're dating a woman steady, and when you first meet a woman...keep a lot of nights and days to yourself. This is especially important for the weekends.

#5: Women Crave a Man They Can't Control

Women crave excitement just as much as anybody else. The problem is that many men won't meet their need for excitement because they are predictable. They do whatever the woman wants without question and whenever she wants it. They surrendered control of searching to see things and of their schedule so that they can be with a woman.

Little do they know that this is the quickest way to lose a woman's interest. If you want your woman to crave you like crazy, the most important decision you can make is to maintain control over your own life and identity.

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