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Text Flirting Tips for Attracting Women

Did you know you can use words to play on the emotions of women? Following these text flirting tips for attracting women will give you the upper hand in your dating game.

What’s great about technology is you can do this with multiple women and be a pick up artist without making a call!

Tip #1: Make Her Feel Something

As mentioned before, women respond emotionally rather than logically. So, even if you aren’t her type or she wasn’t interested at first, simply by making her feel good you can invoke your power over her. This is because once you have her emotionally connected, she can’t turn you down.

Text Example: “Oh yeah, I remember you now, you were the HOTTEST girl at the bar last night!”

Tip #2: Tease Her

Because many girls are used to guys who throw compliments at them and overly kiss up, they will be taken back by your bad boy attitude. You can do this by pretending you don’t know who she is or ask if she is someone else. It is okay to be funny and perverted in a text as long as you know she will get your humor.

Teasing a girl equal’s attraction so by playing around and then telling her you are kidding, you have not only assumed control of the texting but also of her. She will be running to keep up with your game and possibly it will be exciting and new for her to have to do so.

Tip #3: Innuendos

Texting is a great way to let the inhibitions go and have fun and suggestive conversations. Take a fairly simple and clean statement such as:

“I had barbeque sausage for dinner.”

Now, turn it into a suggestive fun play on words by saying,
“You had barbeque SAUSAGE for dinner? Hmmm…you like sausage then?” 

Of course you are throwing around sexual innuendos and she may tell you how perverted or gross you are but she will also secretly find it funny. What’s great about text flirting tips for attracting women is that you can be a little more forward then in person. This works on both sides and you will find much more openly flirtatious females responding.

Tip #4: Using Symbols

Using terminology and symbols will help you convey your emotions to her. Without them your texts can seem dry, boring or without feeling. For example, take a look at this statement:

Text 1: I had to take a shower last night.
Text 2: FYI, I had to take a shower last night…;-) lol

The second text lets her know you are being suggestive and wanting her to know you took a shower. Finding ways to make the conversation fun is what texting is all about. She isn’t with you, so she can’t see you wink at her or smile or laugh at her jokes or your own. Therefore you have to include these small sentiments so she can get a FEEL for you. This type of connection will have her wanting to flirt back and continue to converse with you.

Tip #5: Personalized Connections

Once again, women love to FEEL! If you can find ways to connect with them on a personal level, you will be one step ahead in your dating game. Try incorporating inside jokes which only she would be able to share with you. Another method is to compliment her on something and say it in a way that makes her feel special and unique. For example:

Text: BTW, when I first looked into your eyes, I almost got lost they were so blue! 

Yes, it may sound cheesy to you but on the other end she will most likely hold the phone to her heart and say, “awwww” out loud. Being able to sincerely connect with a female and make her feel like a connection has been built between you is huge! Not only will she start to trust your intentions but will enjoy how great you make her feel.

Of course not every female is the same and you will need to play around until you figure out which one likes what. These are very good text flirting tips to attract women which will jump start your dating life and create a fun and adventurous game. Always remember women love a challenge so the more mysterious and seductive, the better!

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