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Flirting And Seduction Tips to Bed Women

While body language has its uses in the world of business and success; many guys are learning the alpha male tricks of the trade to properly communicate confidence towards women.

The essential body language you MUST exhibit if you want to draw the ladies in and have successful pick up techniques is easy to learn.

Every form of communication begins first with the body. The way you sit, lean, stand, carry yourself and move says a lot about who you are, how you think and how you feel.

Imagine a guy standing in the corner of a room with his arms crossed and his posture hunched over. Would you think of him as a confident person? Does he seem approachable? No, of course he does not. His body language suggests he is shy, defensive and anti-social or perhaps has a low self esteem.

It is important to be aware of the silent signals you are sending out. Once you become in tune with your body and begin to observe yourself and others in this light, you will harness the power of attraction.

Appearing Confident

Confidence is the key in attracting the opposite sex. Women crave men who are driven and in control and are biologically programmed to seek out the strongest most dominant male in the room.

Does this mean you have to be a beefy, buff athlete who spends hours at the gym? No, it simply means you need to learn to exude confidence through your physical mannerisms. In order to display confidence try working on these things:

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• Keep your chest out and shoulders back when standing

• Whether standing or sitting take up a larger amount of space

• Cause the person to break eye contact first

• Maintain good posture all the way up your spine (include the neck so it doesn’t jut out like a turkey)

• Allow your arms to sway relaxed at your sides and don’t restrain them

• Hold your drink down and not in front of your heart

• Keep your hands still and relaxed (don’t fidget)

Showing Interest

Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to show a woman you are interested without appearing too forward or creepy. Fortunately, the essential body language you MUST exhibit includes good tactics for flirtation and showing interest. Try these techniques next time you are out:

• Scan the room to show interest and availability

• Stand like a cowboy with thumbs in belt loops and fingers pointing towards genital area

• Posturing with an erect stance and shoulders held back and the chest outward

• Smiling in a relaxed non forced way

• Preening, run hands through hair occasionally

• Nodding head while the other person is speaking to indicate interest

• Touching gently on hands or rubbing your own leg

• Mirror her movements to show common interest or compatibility

• Bowing towards her with head shows courtesy and respect

• Lean in when she speaks to show her you are listening

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It’s all in the eyes

Indeed the eyes are the windows to the soul and when it comes to body language, they tell it all. In order to exhibit the proper protocol with your eyes, pay attention to these details:

• Direct Eye Contact – By looking directly at her you are showing openness while speaking, honesty and interest.

• Eyebrow Raise – Raising your eyebrows indicates recognition, greeting or acknowledgement. This is a good way to show interest in someone from a distance.

• Winking – Shows a friendly acknowledgement and can infer a sharing of a secret (like the secret you like her)

• Widening Eyes – This indicates attraction as well as attentiveness.

• Focused Eyes – Eyes which remain focused on the speaker show the level of interest and attraction.

Be sure to pay attention to where your eyes are looking. If you look frequently left and down when speaking you are self-talking or thinking things through about an outward perspective rather than an inward feeling.

If you look to the left and up you are recalling images and creatively self questioning your feelings about something. Looking right and up could mean you are fabricating or lying if you are supposed to be recalling factual information.

By knowing the essential body language you MUST exhibit you can begin to incorporate them into your dating and mating life. By practicing in the mirror, with strangers or simply closing your eyes and imagining a strong, confident presence, you will begin to develop these habits over time. The more you identify and embrace powerful body language signals, the more appealing you will be to the opposite sex upon first initiation.

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