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Getting Dumped and Break-ups

The biggest trial in exploring relationships is the journey to the end. In other words, getting dumped and break-ups are challenging and cause many people to ponder reentry into the playing field.

The “getting dumped” alone is such negative terminology. It creates a sense of heaviness wherein the “dumped” individual feels forlorn and full of self doubt.

If you have recently experienced a bad break-up; here are 5 motivating recommendations to help you recover from heartache and get back out into the realm of relationships and dating.

#1. It’s okay to be pissed!

If you need to throw a dish against the wall, burn a box of sentimental photographs or take scissors to your ex’s favorite hoody – then by all means – go right ahead!

When relationships tragically end it is natural to go through phases of mourning. Part of the transition requires you to let loose a little anger, resentment and bitterness. Don’t worry, this is perfectly healthy.

By hardening your heart a little you are in essence protecting yourself from slipping further into doom, gloom and depression. Of course, don’t do anything harmful to yourself or others but do release your pain. Exercises, yelling in a pillow or punching bags are all great remedies.

#2. Go Ahead and Rebound.

While you don’t want to fall in love with the next human you see to mask your sadness, a quick fling or immediate company can actually heal your sorrow. It is better to rebound than be isolated in misery after getting dumped and break-ups. Just be careful not to get too involved as you need time for reflection and space in between relationships.

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#3. Bad Timing or Not Meant to be.

We’re often told the phrase, “Oh it just wasn’t meant to be”, yet after a break-up it’s the last thing anyone wants to hear. Ultimately, however if you can acknowledge that things do happen for reasons beyond your control, your healing process will speed up.

Sometimes relationships end because the timing wasn’t right or simply the person wasn’t right. Don’t waste your precious life pining over someone who couldn’t be fulfilled by you; another will come and you will be grateful it happened that way.

#4. Go on a Self Discovery Mission

You don’t have to resign yourself to a life at the monastery after a break up. Instead take time to discover your individual passions. Use your alone time to improve yourself so next time you will have grown from the painful experience. Don’t lock yourself up in a box and throw away the key; take time to throw away that darn box and reinvent yourself.

There are other fish in the ocean. Go ahead and meet women to broaden your social circle.

#5. The Freedom Rampage

After a break-up, keep reminding yourself you are free! Go on that trip you always wanted to plan, do those crazy things your ex frowned upon, and enjoy the moments you missed when you were tied up.

This is the best time to do anything and everything you ever wanted without another holding you back. Unbind those shackles and take flight.

Although it may seem after getting dumped and break-ups that your whole world has crumbled, it is not so. Remind yourself their loss is your gain and soar high to reclaim a sense of self. Never let another person’s actions control your true destiny and soon you will find comfort and solace from the experiences you harness.

“The key to successful dating is….rather than focusing solely on finding and winning over that one and only right person, use this time in your life to learn about yourself and about relationships and to become a better partner.” - Nina Atwood, Be Your Own Dating Service

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