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Getting Over Your Biggest Crush

Throughout life we often experience little loves or secret crushes which can open our hearts and yet sometimes cause pain if the attraction becomes unhealthy.

Through dwelling on someone who does not return your favor, you are denouncing your own ability to direct your life.

If you are having difficulty getting over your biggest crush and handling rejections from women, follow this advice to soothe your longing.

Whatever Will Be Will Be

In other words, don’t waste your life pining for something which is not part of the grand plan in your life. For whatever reason, the relationship you long for is not an ideal reality at this time. Remind yourself that only the best will happen for you and allow the universe to direct your circumstances.

Don’t direct energy toward someone unwilling to receive. Always be open to new possibilities and wish the best for that person. For if you truly care about someone, you will hope for their happiness regardless if they are to be a part of your life.

Fish in the Sea

There are many chance encounters and special individuals meant to influence your life. If you spend all your time and energy focusing on a lost love, you may potentially miss the moment of meeting the one person meant for you.

Meeting people, developing friendships and romances are all part of the learning process to prepare you for the true love you will someday meet. Don’t waste time; begin exploring yourself and the myriad of fish in the sea.

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Their Loss

Getting over your biggest crush includes recognizing your own value and seizing the reins of your self worth. Know you are a person worthy of equal love, attention and shared passion. If you see yourself as someone with much to give, you may allow yourself to realize getting over your biggest crush is their loss, not yours.

If you have a confident attitude rather than one of sorrow and regret, you will attract others. Knowing you gave it your best shot should be all you need before relinquishing the clinging desire for another.

Moving On

If you have tried and tried to win the affection of someone you desire with little to no result, perhaps it is time to decide to move on. In doing so, you will allow the universe to open up and unfold the next step in your journey of love.

Before you can become aware of what or who is truly meant for you, you must let go of the ideals you cling to which ultimately undermine where it is you should be looking. If the love of your life walked by, would you notice, or would you be preoccupied with a crush that is not in your favor?

Sometimes we don’t realize there is a direct path laid out for us. By understanding the purpose of lessons of the heart, it is easier to let go. Your ultimate happiness does not necessarily include your crush so therefore your duty is to yourself and the pursuit of your highest joy. Don’t miss out on life and other opportunities by regretting what wasn’t meant to be in the moment.

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