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Getting Over the Fear of Hot Women

Meeting women can sometimes be an overwhelming concept for guys. This is often the case especially when approaching attractive women.

Most guys struggle with getting over the fear of hot women and lower the bar just to avoid this trepidation.

Ironically, what guys don’t know is hot women are not any harder to get to know than women who are less attractive.

In fact, women in general are equally interested in meeting men of all types and often wish real guys would approach them with confidence and less superficial judgment.

Hot Women Have Insecurities Too!

While it would seem an attractive female has an edge on the world, unfortunately many hot females are not even aware of this magical trait. While this isn’t always the case, more often than not an attractive female has her own baggage to carry and can often hold more insecurities than someone who is less appealing to look at.

Consider this while working on getting over the fear of hot women; they are neither uptight nor unapproachable magical creatures which exist merely for you to gaze upon. These girls have worries, low self esteem and goals the same as anyone.

They have normal issues which face us all including: breakouts, weight battles, scars, health issues and other imperfections. They may simply be better at hiding these things than most.

Next time you consider whether or not to approach a hot woman, remind yourself that they are human and don’t live any differently than other women. In fact, hot women also:

ultimate inner game

-use the toilet
-blow their nose
-conceal breakouts and flaws with make up and other products
-are not better than you
-cry, whine, and complain
-make bodily noises
-get old, saggy and grey

Hot Does Not Mean Better!

Why subject yourself to the belief that just because she has nice hair, a nice body and a pretty face she is better than you. Is she smarter? Does hot intrinsically make her superior? Would you feel equally concerned approaching a less attractive female with the mind of a rocket scientist?

If you wouldn’t than perhaps you should evaluate what you consider a priority in your life. If superficial ideology rules your concept of dating, than your success in finding an attractive, successful mate will be hindered by the values you live by.

Yes, there are many hot girls who are super smart, sassy, witty and perfect (in your eyes). Yet, ultimately do you know if they are right for you? Are they caring, warm or personable? Wouldn’t you prefer to find that out first before deciding they are out of your league?

The first thing you must think about when getting over the fear of hot women is how you value yourself. If you embrace the idea that you are not of equal worth, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Know that you are a viable companion for anyone based on your own personal experience, intellect and goals. Nothing should get in the way of finding what it is you want.

Hot Women Don’t All Want Hot Men

Surprisingly many women are much more attracted to intelligent, considerate men who treat them right. Women have all experienced the macho, egotistical, buff guys who are more focused on their own personal vanity. These guys are not all that special and more and more women (attractive or not) are drawn to those who move them and make them feel good about themselves.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to be with the girl of your dreams just because you think you are not attractive enough. If you are confident and know how to treat a woman, you have more to offer her than the last guy who was into himself, his car and his clothes.

Give yourself some credit, be who you are and stop concerning yourself with outward appearances. Once you learn to do this you will learn how easy it is getting over the fear of hot women.

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