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Good Advice About Sex on Dates

When seeking relationships through dating, many guys and gals stumble around confused about the rules of engagement. That is to say, the engagement of sex can be perplexing.

Everyone has experienced those moments of complete infatuation, weakness or profound chemistry and have wondered, “is this the time?”

Good advice about sex on dates dictates you must use your head first before your heart (or other body parts).

Sex is Important

When you begin dating someone, it is only natural to develop a checklist of qualities you are looking for. Good looking – check, positive person – check, treats me well – check, good in bed – check! Yes, sex is important to the success of any long term relationship. Without good chemistry and a compatible sex life, a couple might as well simply be friends.

Humans are physiologically programmed to procreate and seek like minded partners. If there isn’t a harmonious balance in the bedroom, the framework of the relationship can become unstable.

Therefore, sex plays an important role in narrowing down and determining compatibility. Even if one is religious and withholding the ultimate, sexual chemistry can certainly be demonstrated through touching, kissing and flirtatious affection. These sexual advances can give a pretty clear indication of what is to come.


Sex and Patience

This comes in two forms. The first test of patience regarding sex comes on the first date. This should always be avoided unless it is the only purpose to the date. If this is the case then neither party is seeking advice which will strengthen long term romance.

Having sex on the first date creates a shift in focus too quickly. A guy, who naturally is the hunter, will lose interest in a girl who gives it up so willingly. A girl will lose self respect in return and nothing is to be gained. By waiting and allowing the desire and chemistry to grow, you are setting up an enjoyable experience when it does happen – hopefully.

This brings us to the second test of patience which is based on quick assessments after sex. Don’t place all your expectations on the first time with someone. It takes time to get to know a person intimately and therefore patience to help and guide each other. If the fireworks weren’t as grand or the explosion as loud, don’t give up. Having good sexual communication and an open mind will allow for improved sex each time.

Careful Sex

An often heard piece of good advice about sex on dates is to always practice safe sex. “On the pill” does not mean safe, it means protected from future offspring – hopefully; it does not mean protected from STD’s. “Allergic to condoms”, might as well mean “Can’t have sex” in your book unless you have a death wish.

Sex should always be a mutual wish; never forced, manipulated or coerced. Partners with more experience should take care with those who have not had sex much as not to intimidate or scare them. Awkward positions, strange fetishes or outlandish fantasies can all be cause for alarm. Introduce these sexual desires slowly and try communicating first so your partner feels safe and secure.

When it comes to good advice about sex on  first dates, one should always use intuition and avoid anything harmful to you, the other person or the relationship.

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