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How "Badboys" Generate Curiosity and Excitement

Ever get tired of being shuffled into the friend's zone while the girl you're crazy about hooks up with the "guy who comes from out of nowhere?"

And what's worse is he's one of those macho male chauvinist jerks that all the nice guys hate. In other words, he's the notorious Badboy who every nice guy hates. And why do they hate him?

Envy! They want what he has, and when someone has something we want, they are the enemy!

Just kidding. Seriously, wouldn't you like to get the results that these Badboys are getting with women? I bet you do, and you're about to learn what their secret is...

How Badboys Use Curiosity

Do you think it's easier to make a woman curious or to get her interested in you? I'll tell you this much, women are most likely to let their guard down if you try to get them curious. Trying to get them interested only comes off as needy, insecure and desperate.

What's the difference between trying to generate interest and trying to generate curiosity? It's this simple: when trying to generate interest, you tell them too much. But when generating curiosity, you tell them ONLY enough to make them curious to know more.

For example, you tell her half of the story, and then change the subject:

"Yeah, I see that a lot where I work to..." Then the subject change comes. Notice that you only told her half of the story, and most people hate that. They HAVE to know the rest of it, even if they are not interested.

But the funny thing is that the more people want to know about you, the more they think about you. After a while, they start to connect that with being interested in you.

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Of course, the other way to generate curiosity is to just keep your mouth shut about yourself. So many guys spoil all the mystery because they tell the woman everything up front. Bad idea. Always leave her hanging, and give her a reason to want to know more.

TIP: Always end the conversation or the date FIRST! This is the most effective way to keep her curious. She'll always feel like she has unfinished business with you, and this always generates curiosity.

Badboys Use Excitement

If you do a good job with creating curiosity, excitement will almost happen without you meaning for it to. Most people have a great imagination and like to speculate about the missing details of someone's life.

Just remember the kid in school who never spoke to anyone, but everyone had some crazy suspicions about him (or her). So remember to let her fill in the blanks and to be a man of few words.

When it comes to generating excitement, the key is to keep her guessing. Variety almost always means excitement because it's something's out of the norm. Ever seen all the people who stare at a car crash? It's out of the ordinary, and in a dark sort of way it interests people.

You can do this by using playful touches and teasing, but then pulling back and withholding her interest. You can also hold back the most surprising things about your personality (interests, hobbies etc) and show them to her a little at a time.

Every time you reveal something that's slightly out of sync with your personality, you'll surprise her. The more you do this, the more you'll keep her guessing. The more you keep her guessing, the more curious she'll be and the more intrigued she'll become.

TIP: Write down five of your most unusual interests or experiences, and make plans to tell them one at a time. This will help you to build a long term game plan.

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