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How Can Badboys Get Away With Almost ANYTHING?

Okay, after a long and in-depth e-mail about how to build trust with your women, we're going to tackle the paradox of why women let Badboys get away with almost anything.

Have you ever seen a relationship like this before? Where the woman (an attractive woman with a lot going for her that is) will stay in a relationship with a man who is constantly doing things that you find obnoxious, rude, or even childish?

Let's take a sneak peek into the world of the Badboy and find out what this mystery is all about...

How Can He Get Away With That?

You probably ask yourself this as you see women who you are crazy about date Badboys instead of a "nice guy." How in the world can these "jerks" get away with anything while the woman stays with him anyway?

"Because he can."

Yes, I'm sorry that it's not more complicated than that. But Badboys get away with the things they get away with because they live their life according to their own terms...not their woman's terms. No matter how hard a woman tries to control a Badboy, he just does his own thing... she has no power over him.

Even when he shows her love and affection (and yes, they do sometimes), he does it when HE decides to do it... no sooner and no later. Not anymore and not any less.

And do you know what? Women love it. No matter how much they might complain about how they hate it, women are drawn to men who they cannot control. Why is this? Because it demonstrates that the man has strength and that he doesn't allow other people to dominate him.

A man with this kind of strength meets a woman's most basic and primal emotional need: the need for security and safety. No matter what they might tell you, this need is at the root of every woman's natural attraction to a man.

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A man who meets this need in a woman is of such high value, that she'll give him grace to do this that most men would never dream of getting away with.

So what can you do about this?

The Good News

Guess what? You don't have to become a "jerk" to generate this kind of attraction in a woman. All that you have to do is three things, which will help both you and her to get exactly what you want from the relationship:

1. Take No Drama

You know, women who are drama queens will only dish out as much drama as you tolerate from them. Think about it, is it really possible that a grown woman has no control over her own choices? Of course not. Women who are controlling or overly dramatic are the way they are for one reason: because most men let them get away with it.

They let them get away with it because they are so terrified that the woman won't "like them" unless they fold when she starts acting unreasonable. Ironically, women are more likely to stand by a man who has high standards and doesn't tolerate childish drama.

2. Treat her Great... But on Your Terms

Do you let your woman dictate what kinds of favors you do for her? Do you let her "train" you on how to "treat her like a lady?" If so, stop. Listen to her needs and find a way to meet them. But do it when you decide to do it instead of jumping when she says jump.

3. Stay the Course

Badboys are attractive because they are certain about who they are and what they want, and they have no need for approval or permission from other people... especially their woman. Again, you can treat her great, but do it on your terms and don't respond to drama by giving her what she wants.

Believe it or not, most of the time she is just testing you to find out if you are man enough to stay the course.

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