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How Can You Really Impress a Woman

By now you're probably wondering how you can really build attraction with women without landing yourself in the "friends zone" again.

If so, the next two e-mails are exactly what you have been looking for.

What you are about to learn is a simple strategy that you can use to capture a woman's interest and get past a woman's "defenses."

Since this is a rather involved topic, we will be  covering half of it in today's e-mail and the other half will be coming to you shortly...

What Really Impresses Women?

You know , impressing women doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, the next couple of e-mails in this series will teach you that the harder you try to impress a woman, the more her guard will go up.

Instead, what we are going to focus on is how to impress women by appealing to a natural and universal principle which is sure to arouse interest in any human being: that principle is being the exception to the norm.

It's no mystery that people are intrigued by things which seem to be out of the ordinary.

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Even something that is not necessarily pleasant can even capture and keep our attention as long as it's uncommon enough.

Why is this?

It's because people tend to attach more value to things that are hard to come by. Just think about all the silly things said that are interesting simply because of the fact that they are rare.

Now of course, it is also possible to get yourself labeled as a weirdo by going against the norm.

That's why we also want to make sure that you're different in a way that appeals to the woman's natural attraction instinct, which as you remember is based on her need for safety and security.

Being both out of the ordinary and appealing to her need for security will be fulfilling two of her most basic emotional needs:

 Variety and Safety.

Being out of the ordinary in an attractive way

The need to feel safe is based on more than just  safety from physical danger. A lot of pain in life is emotional and damages our ego or our heart.

The problem is that most men (or people for that  matter), are only looking out for their own ego and their own heart. They would rather be heard and understood than try to listen and to understand.

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They would rather become defensive when someone offends them or disagrees with them, than just laugh it off. They would rather get jealous and protect their own interests when they feel threatened by a person.

The problem is that all these are signs of emotional weakness, and emotional weakness doesn't make a woman feel safe. Not to mention that talking about yourself, getting defensive when someone offends you, being argumentative when someone disagrees with you or getting wounded by rejection are all common responses. They are boring and predictable.

If you really want to impress the woman, demonstrate your emotional strength first by being the exception to the norm. In other words, don't get threatened when other men enter her presence.

Don't get rattled or hurt if she rejects you. Don't  let yourself get bent out of shape when she starts acting bratty or "testing" you. When you're interacting with the woman, don't go out of your way to try impress her and to get your ego stroked.

Instead, listen to her and don't worry about when it will be your turn to talk. This is really not as  difficult as it may sound, it's simply a matter of making a choice that they were going to be different.

Believe me, people who truly listen are so rare that she'll probably find it refreshing.

But when it is your turn to speak, there are a number of tricks and techniques to employ that will guarantee her attention... and have her remembering you for all the right reasons:

PUMA skills to attract women

This will prepare you for getting past her defenses and making a lasting impression. Looking forward to chatting to you in the next email...