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How To Approach College Women

College is the ultimate breeding ground for picking up females. Although school is a place of education and study, it is undeniably designed to hone those social skills associated with dating and romance.

Learning about this demographic will help you confidently know how to approach college women.

What You Need To Know

• College women are in abundance. The ratio of guys to girls on campus tends to skew towards the guys advantage. Typically most colleges have more women than men. There are however many more boys than men!

• Most girls are looking for someone responsible. While you may find your occasional flings, most college age women are looking for candidates to bring home for Thanksgiving or perhaps share an apartment with their senior year.

They want to meet the right guy and that person ideally is going to someday be: successful, educated and capable of responsibility. If the only thing you can brag about is your beer pong championship, you may have a tough time gaining her interest.

• College women are more wary and cautious in their freshman year. They will be worried about bad influences and getting involved too early when they haven’t yet checked out the field. Keep it casual.

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Get Comfortable in Groups

College is a time for social gatherings and women tend to flock together within a protective coven. Guys need to learn how to be socially confident and capable of enduring judgment from not only one female but her entire clan.

The guy, who is most comfortable under this tested pressure, generally gets the thumbs up from the friends. Win over her friends is your first step in learning how to approach college women. They are the defensive wall every guy will come up against so be prepared. Women at this age listen and adhere to the advice of her peers.

Be College Active

In other words, join a club, organization or fraternity. Your involvement in your education gives you an edge over your competition. Plus, you are likely to have more social activities to meet women.

If you can approach a woman with conversation discussing your interests, she will be impressed. More than likely she is also invested and you will have something in common to share. Also, it’s no myth that sorority girls are social butterflies and saddle up to fraternity or active guys.

Protect Your Reputation

Be careful, a college reputation is easily gained and hard to shake. Make sure you bring about the reputation you want to follow you through the duration of your college years as it is sure to stick! In other words, if you want to be known as the biggest player on campus, most girls will stay far away from you.

Women want a guy they can be proud of. Popularity may have been important in high school but a solid reputation is what takes precedence in college. Don’t be the college dunce and don’t do dumb things that will haunt your dating life forever.

By having quality things to talk about you will find you will naturally know how to approach college women. Knowing what a girl is looking for is the way to a successful introduction.

how to be irresistible to women

how to be irresistible to women

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