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How to Attract Asian Women

If you are a guy interested in learning how to attract Asian women, you will learn the dos and don’ts in getting these Eastern gals to take interest.

Many guys like these women because they seem to have a meek and complacent personality. Don’t let their quiet demeanor fool you however.

Physical attraction is one thing but learning the psychology of an Asian female is important.

What Asian Women Want

Asian women aren’t much different from any other classification of women. They enjoy a confident alpha male as much as the next girl. The big difference is the way your confidence is exhibited. Most Asian females have fathers who are confident yet humble.

The men in their lives exhibit a strong work ethic and less of a dreamer mentality. Therefore, these females will be looking for the more subtle, intelligent guy who can prove worthy of competing with their honorable father.

As a guy you will need to show you have a set of goals and serious ambition. A guy who is hoping to take his band to the next level or wants to invent a rare and new form of bong will most likely not get the chance with an Asian girl. For her to take interest in you, you must exhibit the following qualities:

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• Educated

All Asian’s value education above all else. If you are not college educated or not planning to attend college, you can forget your chances with her. If you are past this choice in your life, you better have a nice bank account to compensate for your lack of educational background.

• Successful

You at least want to be on your way towards something honorably successful. Asian women are very materialistic. This may sound shallow and extreme but they are raised to work hard and show the fruits of their labor through material gain. Many Asians dominate the fields of medicine, science and invention because of their excellent ability to focus and excel in every academic effort.

• Noble

Nobility is an Asian term which also can be defined as pride. Self pride and self respect are key components within this culture. If you should ever do anything to embarrass or disrespect an Asian family or their daughter, you will be blacksheeped forever. Asians do hold very long grudges as they never forget anything!

When in comes to learning how to attract women from asian, it is important to know the things you need to avoid. These keen, insightful women are judgmental and strong and will certainly be picky when it comes to their men. Here are a few things to avoid:

• Disrespecting Her Family

Above all else, you must be on your best behavior if meeting her family. Keep your conversation humble and behooving, especially to her mother. Asian’s have been and sometimes still are in a mindset of arranged marriages and so the men their daughters date are handled with extreme scrutiny. Know the culture and the formalities. Always praise the cooking and in many ways offer yourself to the family as a humble servant.


• Below Standard Dressing

If you generally shop at Wal-mart or another mass retailer for your clothing, you will have a difficult time attracting Asian women. These ladies have a huge sense of style and fashion savvy. They will not be betrayed by your off label dress and will assume you have either no money or no self respect.

Reason? Asian women are taught at a young age to prefer quality over quantity. They will save and save for the most expensive brand rather than own two or three of an off brand item. You will need to get a few designer items and show your value through the wardrobe you own.

Also, it is highly suggestible to avoid tattoos or showing off funky or edgy dress standards (especially around their parents). These girls are looking for the next doctor or business executive who will be conservative enough to show off to mom and dad. Don’t disappoint them.

• Good Credit

It seems an odd requirement but Asian women consider credit to be a serious matter. Generally they believe in paying for everything in advanced or at least paying off bills in a timely and responsible manner. Asian women want a guy with direction and financial security. They will not find you attractive if you live beyond your means and have no plan for savings or the future.

• Expressing Your Asian Fetish

Whatever you do, DO NOT let her know you have a “thing” for Asian women. Too many guys have created bad reps when it comes to an Asian fetish and these girls are not going to have it. Like any girl, they want to be respected, admired and loved for who they are inside and not what cultural background they come from. Don’t be a jerk and come across as a creep who is insensitive.

• All Asian’s are the Same

Another important thing to avoid is the classification of Asians into one big category. Asian’s are all different and are extremely proud of their specific lineage. They will be heavily offended if you lump together a Korean, Japanese and Chinese girl all into one. They are very different cultures with their own unique codes and ethics. Be sure not to ever confuse them or act like they are the same.

If you follow these do’s and don’ts while learning how to attract Asian women you will have much better odds at dating these elegant and beautiful women.

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