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How to Avoid Getting Painfully Rejected by Women

Any true pick up artist not only has a technique for landing women but also how to avoid getting painfully rejected by women.

Guys learning to meet and attract the girls must also learn to arm themselves with a buffering shield in the event of failure.

The truth about women and rejection…

What most guys don’t realize is women are not necessarily stamping each guy with a pass/fail sign every time they say no thanks.

Women are seeking the ideal candidate with which to spend their time. They have many preconceived notions about what or who they are looking for and although you may not fit the parameters of one hot girl, does not mean you won’t fit with any.

Another misconception is that women are out there with prepared, “No, thank you’s” said in the meanest and most vile way. This is not the case either. They don’t practice scowling frowns or piercing glares in the mirror before heading out to reject as many boys as they can.

Women are human and have as much insecurity about dating as men. It may seem otherwise simply because the guys do all the approaching and asking but hey, that’s what makes guys so brave!

Sometimes women may come across as more cynical or cruel simply because they have to put on a façade in order to work up the courage of saying no! Imagine if they smiled sweetly and gave affection to every guy that approached them. This would certainly be cause for confusion among the male populous and cause many more disappointments.

So realistically, women are simply cutting to the chase. You approach, they aren’t interested, and they simply say so. This saves you time, them time and makes room for the next guy who may fit their desired profile. Who cares? Next.

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The proper approach equals acceptance versus rejection…

To learn how to avoid getting painfully rejected by women learn to not only change your view of being turned down but also your approach. If you are advancing on every woman with the intent of a yes or no disclosure at the end, well, then you are going to get just that…a yes or no!

Instead, consider your communication with women to be an interview where you are the interviewer and have a set of prerequisites which need to be met (other than hot, attractive, and sexy). By handling women in this manner, you will not only come across as confident and in charge but you will allow yourself the ability to reject her before she rejects you.

In fact as you move through a few highly attractive women and reject them first, you will begin to feel empowered and able to handle the few no’s you may receive. Rejection is only painful if you don’t see yourself as a viable and desirable candidate.

If you are planning on approaching an attractive female of interest, be sure you have set yourself up to win first. Be sure the following elements are in place prior:

• She has made eye contact
• She has smiled or expressed some form of interest
• She is not married or with her boyfriend
• She is not in the middle of a group of friends
• She is straight
• She wants to meet you

If you are confused about where you stand, simply say Hi and gauge her interest before opening yourself up to a more painful scenario. Her response to you will either be fully engaged or disinterested. If she isn’t showing much interest, you can move on before she has the opportunity to really shut you down.

Ultimately, knowing how to meet women and avoiding rejection will give you the self confidence necessary to approach the female sex and have success in dating. If you pay attention to subtle signs and remember there are many fish in the sea, you will start to gain control over your own destiny.

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