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How to Avoid the Biggest Approaching Mistakes

Guys; don’t be one of those losers who sticks his foot in mouth every time he sees a hot female. Knowing how to avoid the biggest approaching mistakes will give you an edge over those other fools who keep doing the same thing over and over.

Body Language

Body language is the essential element for attracting women. Forget the approach, women will notice your body language far before you have entered her space or opened your mouth.

Insure you are walking with good posture, legs wide and taking up space. You should own the room before you can own her.

Many guys are fidgety or have their eyes wandering around the room when trying to talk to a girl. This makes many statements about who you are. Someone who fidgets is nervous. Someone with poor posture is insecure. A guy with roving eyes obviously is a player or cannot pay attention. Know what your body is doing before you approach a female.


Just because she is the hottest girl in the room doesn’t mean you need to race to meet her before anyone else. The venue is not an obstacle course and you shouldn’t be hurdling over tables or plowing through people just to get by her side. What a lot of guys tend to do is rush right up into a woman’s space in order to claim their territory.

While this may certainly give the other guys in the room a clear “hands off” directive, it doesn’t work so well with the lady being pursued. Women prefer a subtle, less aggressive approach.

You should have the attitude that you don’t care if she is available or not. You casually approach and avoid entering into her personal space. Keep your distance and give her a bit of respect. Also, avoid getting too touchy feely too soon.

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Pick Up Lines

Okay, sometimes pick up lines work but it’s only because the guy behind the line is confident and attractive in the first place. Otherwise, pick up lines are a cheesy waste of time. Most women think a guy who can’t simply say Hi, is reaching and grasping for unnecessary creativity. It comes across as a ploy rather than a genuine conversation starter.

If you have that one great pick up line you love, fine. Just be sure you are confident and witty in your delivery. Insure you know what to say after the opener and be sure you have some follow up conversation ready.

Heart on the Sleeve

The best way to figure out how to avoid the biggest approaching mistakes is to maintain your pride. Just like a lion is the king of the forest, you must also be in control. What some guys do is let on just HOW interested they are in advanced and therefore take away the challenge from the woman.

Women want excitement and to feel a sense of adventure when it comes to guys and dating. Mystery is key so don’t show up and let her know how hot she is or how eager you are to get her number or date her for that matter. Keep things subtle and keep HER guessing instead.

Knowing how to avoid the biggest approaching mistakes is imperative to the success of your dating life. If you want to attract women you must learn what not to do first, and then continue with a game plan for moving forward and you should have tons of success.

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